WOW 555 – This Week: Fighting

Happy Friday!

I feel like I haven’t posted in forever, since TWD is on its winter break, but it’s really only been about a week. I’ll have to find another weekly post topic to fill the void.

The past few days have been pretty nuts. Having to travel for work (greetings from Denver, CO) really threw me for a loop with my writing schedule. Any writing I’ve managed to get done this week has been either on a plane, in between flights, or in the hotel room late at night (like when I wrote the prompt response). I can’t wait to get back home and actually relax. That being said, although I love a good fight scene, I nearly skipped out on this week’s #WOW555 prompt. However, I did find the inspiration/time, so here I am!

Prompt: write a fight scene.

Thank you Wendy, for always putting up the perfect prompt to keep me going! This bit is from Withered Legacy (The Breach Trilogy #2).



Hanging By A Thread

Everything blurred as his grip tightened around my throat. He pushed me farther against the parking garage wall, and I could almost feel the cinderblock behind me begin to crack. Each gasp for air brought less oxygen, and soon enough my limbs began to weaken, any effort I put into getting loose futile. I tore at his hand with my fingernails, but that hurt me more than him. My desperate attempts did little more than cause his smirk to widen. I was almost unconscious, my choked gasps echoing in the lot.

“I thought you’d be more entertaining, to be honest.” Even through the fuzzy vision, I could tell Sam looked bored. In his other hand, he played with a dagger. With all the energy I could muster, I tried to focus, tried to push the panic away and concentrate on a well-placed kick. Just before I could pass out completely, I swung my whole body, leading with my shin as I kicked his side. I could feel his bone crack against mine.

He finally dropped me, taken aback by my retaliation. I’d managed to shove him aside, and he was bent over in pain, courtesy of a few fractured ribs, probably. On all fours, I struggled to regain my breathing, coughing and choking on the sudden influx of hair. My lungs burned, but my vision refocused, ears pounding with rushing blood. A moment later I was on my feet, leaning on the wall. Asher lay a few feet away, bleeding from a stab wound. I had to get him somewhere safe – get us both somewhere safe – but Sam wasn’t about to let up his attack, fractured ribs be damned.

I reacted just in time, sliding along the wall and dodging his fist. Again, cinderblock cracked. As I sidestepped another hit, he exposed his injured side. Taking advantage of the opening, I came up close and punched – hard. If his ribs weren’t broken before, and his cry was any indication, they were now. Enraged, his vision probably blurred from the pain, he blindly rushed towards me. Where he was once reserved and careful, now he was furious, wild. Using his own momentum against him, and focusing my energy into my arms, I caught and swung him over my shoulder. He landed on the pavement, this time winded enough to give me a chance to put distance between us.

I ran to Asher, kneeling by his body and looking for a way to stop the bleeding. Would the healing kiss work? Did he have to be awake to take my energy? There was no alternative, so I pressed my lips to his, pulling back when he came to. Rather than let me pull away, his hand held me in place by the nape of my neck. He only pulled back when we heard Sam get up. His bleeding had stopped, but there was no way either of us could keep fighting. We needed an escape, sooner rather than later.


Hope you liked it! As always, don’t forget to head over to Wendy’s WOW 555 section of her website Saturday to check out the other stories and vote for your favorite. If you’re a writer, consider submitting! You have until 5 PM CST today. Check out the details here.

As always, think happy thoughts!

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