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On Feelings of Self-Doubt

On Feelings of Self-Doubt

Happy Monday! Or not so happy Monday? It varies week to week. This should be a good Monday. After all, I finished a rewrite/edit I'd been working on for what felt like forever this past weekend. ~60k words later, it's about as polished as I'll be able to make it on my own. You know … Continue reading On Feelings of Self-Doubt


A quiet moment

Entering a new flash challenge! How could I not, when the prompt basically screamed "Flamel Project"? Today's post is inspired by Cara Michaels' #MenageMonday flash prompts. Check it out at the link! Enjoy! Though he hid it well, Nate was struggling with claustrophobia. The lack of windows didn't help, plus the sleeping space wasn't exactly … Continue reading A quiet moment

Diversity, doubts, and a general update

Hello! I know, it's been quite a while since you've heard from me. Though I doubt very many people regularly follow my blog, I promise I'll be back to semi-regular posting soon. It's been a rough month so far, and trying to keep up with all my projects has really taken a toll. A quick … Continue reading Diversity, doubts, and a general update

#ThursThreads – Increased Security

Hello again! Even as I write this I have no idea how I'm going to incorporate this prompt into one of my serials. Today's #ThursThreads prompt is throwing me off, so here's hoping for the best. Prompt: "It meant increased security." Happy reading! ~~~ "Are you going to say something or just sit there watching … Continue reading #ThursThreads – Increased Security