#100WordChallenge, we meet again


Sometimes you just need to scroll through your own content for inspiration. Today, I was scrolling through, trying to jog some memories, when I came across one of my posts for this word prompt series. Then I realized it’s Wednesday, and the new challenge for the week should be up.

This has always been among my favorite prompt series – I perform my best word acrobatics under tight word counts. So here we are!

Prompt: Delicacy

As a human, I never realized how breakable I was. It wasn’t until after I died that I understood how fragile my existence had truly been. Now, tasked with protecting everyone left behind from unspeakable horrors, I have to harness a delicacy I’ve never possessed. I barreled through life tripping over my own feet. I’d always relied on my stubbornness, my brute force of will, what I saw as resilience.

But that won’t work here. The smallest mistake, tiniest miscalculation, and I’ll be the horror they have to worry about.

And there’s no one around to protect them from me.

That took a darker turn than I was expecting. Not to mention that I did not go into this intending to write something in the realm of Withered Legacy. But what can I say? When Lexia takes over, she does not let go.

As always, think happy thoughts!




And so begins week two of fifteen minute writing bursts. Today’s piece comes inspired by Our Write Side’s Two Word Tuesday.

Prompt: Prescient/Psychic


Being a psychic, you’d think my foresight would be better. It’s too much to ask for, I suppose. Then again, no amount of foresight could have prepared me for this. The worst part is, there’s nothing I can do to remedy the situation.

At least, not without bending (or breaking) some rules. And I’ll need to do a lot of bending if I intend to help Saxon.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” Samael gives me a look bordering somewhere between amusement and bewilderment. They don’t understand why I care so much, why I’m still so attached to my living relatives. Then again, I don’t blame them. They’re Death incarnate – the very definition of detachment.

“I don’t think you realize – I don’t have a choice. And even if I did, Saxon might very well fail and then Adwin and the fallen will be my problem to deal with. To be honest, I’d rather contain the situation, instead of letting them get as far as The Gate.” I’m not going to repeat Sarah’s mistake with the Nephilim.

One way or another this will become my problem to deal with. I’m just attempting a preemptive strike.

“Can’t argue with that logic, I suppose.” They shrug before generating their scythe in midair, catching it as it falls. Unlike my scythe, theirs is a matte black, made of shadows. Also unlike mine, their scythe has the ability to cut through the fabric of the realms and transport me back to Earth, if only for brief moments. This is a massive break of the rules and I’m still not sure how I convinced Sam to do it, but here we are. Despite their protests, I can see in their eyes they’re enjoying this. “Ready when you are.”

There’s no preparing myself for coming face to face with Saxon again, so I simply nod my head. With a single swipe, Samael cuts through the air and a rift opens in front of me. Through the opening, I can see Saxon getting ready to meditate in his room at the colony. I wish I could actually speak to him, have a normal conversation with my cousin. Instead, I’m limited to manipulating his psychic ability.

I reach through the opening and step into his room. The effect is almost instant. He doubles over in pain, as the headache I’m causing starts to take hold. My hand on his head, I struggle to push the vision into his mind – everything I’ve seen Adwin do, everything I know about his hideout, his allies. I’m not sure how much of it Saxon will retain, but I hope it’s enough.

He manages to stay in control long enough to pull his phone out – I can’t believe he still carries it around – and start recording. Saxon’s voice fills the room with descriptions of the vision.

“Saxon. Find Adwin and stop him. Before it’s too late. I need your help.” He repeats my words back, over and over. I let him go, and he passes out.

“Time’s up, Lexia.” Behind me, Samael pulls me back.


And another bit into the Withered Legacy bucket. Here’s to keeping these going.

As always, think happy thoughts!

And the writing continues – Save me


Happy Friday!

This week has gone by in the blink of an eye, which is weird. Normally the week leading up to a three day weekend doesn’t go by that fast. And yet here we are!

So today’s prompt/response comes courtesy of Plots And Prompts For All! I haven’t responded to a prompt from Tumblr in a while, so I’m glad to bring some variety into my inspiration.

Prompt: “If anyone could have saved me, it would have been you.”


My hand twitches, the blade at his neck digging into skin. His blood drips onto the silver and it’s all I can do to keep my grip steady.

Do it.

“I can’t. This isn’t…”

If anyone could have saved me, it would have been you. But I’m beyond saving now, brother. Please. End it. Before I hurt anyone else.

Though his voice in my mind is fainter with every passing moment and I know his body is nothing more than a vessel now, I still can’t. “There has to be a way…”

“There isn’t.” Elle’s voice replaces Adwin’s, and I realize I can longer hear my brother. He’s gone, though his body continues to thrash in an attempt to escape. The thing inside him is in control now, its foggy eyes staring up at me in a rage as I hold him down. “Saxon. If you don’t do it, I will.”

I close my eyes, unable to look at his face as I slice his neck open.


Ha. That was much darker than I thought it would be. Not to mention I didn’t go into this prompt intending to write Withered Legacy. I’m not really sure where this scene would fit in the grand scheme of things, or if it even fits in the story at all. For now I’ll treat it as one of Saxon’s visions of a possible future.

#100WordChallenge – Diary


Just a scribble today for Tara’s #100wordchallenge.


Day – ???

I’ve lost count of how long I’ve been doing this. I thought keeping a diary might help maintain my sanity but it’s not better than talking to myself. I miss Rey. It’s hard to keep myself going when all I have to look forward to is the next wraith, the next hunt. How many others are still out there, I wonder? Are any of the other Fallen still fighting them? Or am I the only one left?

Thinking about the others doesn’t help much nowadays, so I don’t know why I bother. They probably wouldn’t take me back anyway.


And that’s a peek into the mind of Elle, Saxon’s new friend in Withered Legacy.

Til next time! As always, think happy thoughts!

NaNo Homestretch



Another year, another bout with NaNoWriMo nearly completed. Hopefully you’ve all had better luck with it than me. Granted, I have gotten a lot of writing done, but I haven’t been very good about diligently writing every day. My habits are suffering, and that’s really the point of NaNo anyway – to get you into a discipline of writing each day. In that endeavor, I’ve basically been floundering all month.

My blog has suffered from negligence, too, so now I’m here to slowly try to transition back, while trying to up the word count in the last week of NaNo. As usual, most activity here is triggered by a good prompt. This week, it’s Our Write Side’s Master Class Monday.

Prompt: Thankless tokens

The prompt serves as very loose inspiration for this snippet of my NaNo project, Withered Legacy. Happy reading!

I knew a field test would be a bad idea. Alex isn’t ready – like last time, she’s a liability. Why I let them talk me into it is beyond me. The gash in my side hurts like hell. Even I’m surprised I’m able to keep running.

Alex and Elle run ahead of me. If we don’t find shelter soon, Elle won’t be able to heal me, and I might as well just drop dead now to buy them time. Behind us, the two Wraiths are hot on our trail. It’s a miracle they haven’t already caught up. Alex stops running, turns in place, and shoots.

Idiot! Your gun won’t do much. Just keep running!

But you’re hurt!

No shit – you’ll be no better off if you don’t move! 

She does as I say, but Elle stops. Within seconds, her wings erupt from her back as her eyes light up in their unnatural violet. She launches herself toward me, but I know I’m not her target. Elle flies past, but I don’t turn to look at what she’s doing. I don’t have to to know that she’s engaged one of the Wraiths. Alex and I round the corner and stop to catch out breaths. The angel bought us some time, but not much.

“If I tell you to stay put – will you listen?” I shrug off my backpack, crouching to dig inside it for the my pendant. I’ve only ever used the thing once, and while we got what we wanted, it came at a pretty steep price. Still – if we hope to get out of this alive, Elle can’t be the only one trying to fight off the Wraiths.

“What? Why?”

“Answer the question.”

“Of course not.” Of course not.

“Listen, either you stay put, or I knock you unconscious, remember?”

“You wouldn’t.” She holds her ground as she peeks around the corner, trying to watch Elle in the middle of a fight.

“Try me.” I find the pendant, already warm in anticipation of being worn. “Stay here. Watch our things. If Elle and I don’t make it, let the Wraiths take us  and then put a bullet in each of our heads – understand?”

“But-” I don’t linger to hear what else she has to say. Though I don’t have reason to believe she’ll do as I say, I can’t afford to wait for her to agree. Once the pendant is on, it’s like the gash in my side no longer matters. The pain is nothing but a faint stinging sensation getting duller by the moment – an annoyance more than anything else. Blade in hand and Alex’s protests dying in my ears, I turn to where Elle is about to be caught off guard by the second Wraith.

The first lies under her boot, her sword slicing across the neck. Its head comes clean off. I don’t think, and in moments I’m blocking a blow aimed at her back. My dagger catches the Wraith’s claw, but there’s enough power behind the attack to knock me back into the angel, and we both get pushed away, landing on the concrete at odd angles.

I thought you were-

Contingency plan.

Elle’s eyes drift to the pendant around my neck and she nods. We don’t have time to discuss it, as the Wraith lunges into another attack. It’s in full rage-mode, infuriated by the death of its kin. We scramble out of its way, only just barely getting away. A trail of blood follows where I go, and though I’m not in any measurable pain anymore, I know its only a matter of time before I pass out from blood loss. Free hand continuing to clutch the wound, doing what it can to stop the bleeding, I get back up.

Because of the pendant magnifying my abilities, the wraith’s focus shifts entirely to me as if Elle no longer existed. We take advantage of this and I begin to lead the wraith away, putting what distance I can between us and Elle. It attacks, and I dodge. My eyes dart toward Elle, but in moments she’s gone. Running and dodging won’t work forever, so I turn and face the thing head-on.

I barely manage to get an attack in, but I don’t need to. I just need to keep the thing’s focus on me.

Get ready. Elle’s voice echoes in my head and I sink into my stance, preparing for the wraith to lunge again. It’s barely three yards away when Elle appears from seemingly nowhere, barrelling into in from my right, her sword leading the way. The blade finds its mark in the monster’s side. Much like the first one, the second one struggles against Elle but she lops the head clean off.

The damn thing isn’t even done disappearing before I pass out.

And that’s that for now. Hopefully I can make up some word count with this as a jumping off point.

Hope the rest of the month is awesome for you guys!

As always, think happy thoughts!

#ThursThreads – Helpless



Hope everyone’s week is going splendidly! It seems to be flying by for me, but that’s nothing new.

Today’s post, as with most Thursday pieces, comes courtesy of Siobhan’s #ThursThreads prompt series. I struggled a bit with fitting the prompt in, but finally settled on some more experimentation with Withered Legacy. Really considering playing with the POV in that one. Right now, it’s from Saxon’s, but every once in a while I think it might be cool to see Lexia chiming in on his circumstances, like she’s been doing on some of these prompts. Hm. We’ll see I guess.

Prompt: “He could do no more.”


He could do no more. I knew that, and he did, too.

Maybe that drove the pain in a little deeper. It made everything that much worse. That feeling of helplessness reared its ugly head again, and all I could do was stand and watch, unable to do anything and hidden from both of them.

“Saxon…” Adwin had the decency, at least, to sound apprehensive. “We don’t belong here. Look what happened.”

“This wasn’t my fault.” His grip on the little boy limp in his arms didn’t loosen, and instead he cradled the child closer, as if proximity alone might bring him back from the dead. Another moment passed before he finally released the body, laying it back on the ground. “These people were safe here. You did this.”

I’ve never heard that much venom in his voice – not even directed at me on our worst days. Saxon, despite his temperament, would never hurt his family. Now it sounded like all he wanted to do was kill his twin. With very calculated and controlled movements, he got to his feet, eyes staring down his brother.

“Don’t.” For the first time, I noticed the angel standing behind Saxon. She rushed to stand in front of him, hands on his shoulders.

Before Saxon could react, a loud rumble shook the entire structure, followed by a familiar, guttural roar.

“Think over my offer, Saxon. You know we’re better off.” Adwin spares Elle a passing glance before disappearing into the darkness of the tunnels.


They have a troubled relationship. It’s sad, but makes for good drama!

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses 🙂

Friendly reminder: The last week for this round of #TuesFlashFicTrain is up! Time to write an awesome ending.

As always, think happy thoughts!

All work no play


Happy Friday!

I feel a lot of writing coming my way this weekend. Maybe I’ll even work on Withered Legacy. Oddly enough, today’s post has to do with The Breach Trilogy, and although I’ve written things to help me work through book 2, this is more about book 3. Jenna’s a character I haven’t visited in a while, and it shocked me when she decided to come out to play today. Her personality has changed a bit since the last time I wrote her, too. Here’s to finishing Withered Legacy and Saxon’s story soon so I can tackle Jenna’s with some semblance of discipline.

Today’s prompt is Tara’s #100wordchallenge!

Prompt: Job


I love my job. Maybe a little too much, and I’m not sure what that says about me, but oh well. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of a wraith’s skull under my boot, or the sound my gun makes as the bullets riddle the monster’s chest.

Behind me, Dan barely catches his breath while trying to keep up. “Jenna – you’re insane.”

“Insanely good at what I do.” I holster the gun as the wraith disappears from under me. “Were you paying attention? Because I won’t always be around to save you.”

“Yes ma’am.” He stands at attention.



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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