And so begins week two of fifteen minute writing bursts. Today's piece comes inspired by Our Write Side's Two Word Tuesday. Prompt: Prescient/Psychic ~~~ Being a psychic, you'd think my foresight would be better. It's too much to ask for, I suppose. Then again, no amount of foresight could have prepared me for this. The… Continue reading Foresight


And the writing continues – Save me

Happy Friday! This week has gone by in the blink of an eye, which is weird. Normally the week leading up to a three day weekend doesn't go by that fast. And yet here we are! So today's prompt/response comes courtesy of Plots And Prompts For All! I haven't responded to a prompt from Tumblr… Continue reading And the writing continues – Save me

#100WordChallenge – Diary

Just a scribble today for Tara's #100wordchallenge. ~~~ Day - ??? I've lost count of how long I've been doing this. I thought keeping a diary might help maintain my sanity but it's not better than talking to myself. I miss Rey. It's hard to keep myself going when all I have to look forward… Continue reading #100WordChallenge – Diary

NaNo Homestretch

Hello! Another year, another bout with NaNoWriMo nearly completed. Hopefully you've all had better luck with it than me. Granted, I have gotten a lot of writing done, but I haven't been very good about diligently writing every day. My habits are suffering, and that's really the point of NaNo anyway - to get you… Continue reading NaNo Homestretch

#ThursThreads – Helpless

Hello! Hope everyone's week is going splendidly! It seems to be flying by for me, but that's nothing new. Today's post, as with most Thursday pieces, comes courtesy of Siobhan's #ThursThreads prompt series. I struggled a bit with fitting the prompt in, but finally settled on some more experimentation with Withered Legacy. Really considering playing with… Continue reading #ThursThreads – Helpless

All work no play

Happy Friday! I feel a lot of writing coming my way this weekend. Maybe I'll even work on Withered Legacy. Oddly enough, today's post has to do with The Breach Trilogy, and although I've written things to help me work through book 2, this is more about book 3. Jenna's a character I haven't visited in a… Continue reading All work no play

Going South

Happy Hump Day! I feel like my schedule's been thrown off, now that I posted my usual Wednesday post earlier this week. Time to compensate! Today, I'll post my response to Tara's #100wordchallenge. Even as I write this I'm still not sure what I'll write about. We'll see! Prompt: South Enjoy! ~~~ When did things… Continue reading Going South