Finding Purpose

Happy Monday! So my posting has been sporadic again. I really am trying to post every day, but that proves harder and harder the more I try. On the bright side, I have been working on A Vampire's Bride outside of here. I'm trying a new approach! Rather than try to type out the story from the… Continue reading Finding Purpose


Tainted fortune

Hello! So my last bout of productivity was somewhat short-lived. At least on here. Behind the scenes I've been working on restructuring Withered Legacy and that's going better than I expected! I even have what might pass for a poor excuse of an outline, which is a lot for me, so yay! Here's to getting more writing… Continue reading Tainted fortune

Borrowed Happiness

Hello! I've started off the week on the right foot, so hopefully it holds! Had a pretty productive weekend so I'm hoping that carries over into the next few days. We'll see. Today's post comes courtesy of Our Write Side's Master Class Monday prompt series. Now that I'm only juggling two serials instead of three,… Continue reading Borrowed Happiness

Tainted beauty, marked soul

Hello! Posts on consecutive days? Unheard of! Don't get used to it, either. Today is a special occasion, since we're closing out Secondhand Soul (for now). That's not to say we're bidding farewell to Videl and Marcus - there's still a lot of unresolved issues there. Just that we're bringing Videl's origin story to an… Continue reading Tainted beauty, marked soul

Brazen whispers

Told you I'd be back! ICYMI, check out this morning's post on why I've been MIA. As usual, today's post comes courtesy of Our Write Side's Master Class Monday prompt series. As I'm writing this bit, I haven't actually written my response (I usually do that after my blurb at the top of posts), but… Continue reading Brazen whispers

Two Word Tuesday – Ennui

Happy Friday! Almost decided to forego putting up a post this week, but here I am! And for once, it won't be for A Vampire's Bride! Secondhand Soul is quickly approaching its end (maybe that's why I'm dragging my feet on it), so here's to keeping it moving forward. Still not sure if Provisional Freedom is going to continue… Continue reading Two Word Tuesday – Ennui