Holidays & WOW 555

Happy Holidays!

My activity has been dwindling lately, and I don’t like it. Things are happening in the real world that have taken up more time than I’d like (more on that in the near future), but I’ll soon be active again, I swear!

The holidays have been fun, and a much needed break from my day job, but they’ve made me lazy. I was supposed to spend these two weeks writing, and have utterly failed. Well, maybe not failed, but didn’t succeed as well as I hoped. In between my bouts of laziness, though, I have managed to squeeze out some words, so yay!

Among the words I squeezed out, I wrote this story for Wendy’s WOW 555. I didn’t participate the last couple of times, but I’m back in the game!

Prompt: “include the word Resolution in your story and there should be a balloon somewhere”

The story I wrote was also inspired by this post on Tumblr by Thomas Sanders. It also inspired a drawing to go with it!

Katrina and Leo


The Rescue

The armor was heavy – well, why wouldn’t it be? The warrior had been lugging it around for weeks – fighting all manner of monster and trekking through the worst terrain imaginable – before finally making it to the tower. Reward money, reward money… had been the go-to mantra when things got tough, but now it was hard for the warrior to imagine the end of such a long journey. In a few more moments, it would all be over, and they – the warrior and princess to be saved – would both be on their way home.

It was funny, after everything the warrior had been through, this latest obstacle – a flight of seemingly unending stairs – felt more daunting than any dragon or desert encountered thus far. Suck it up. You’re so close.

So tired… Being alone for such a long time only worsened the warrior’s already ingrained habit of one-person conversations.

You’ve come this far. Think of the vacation you can take after this. Last mission of the year!

Resolution for next year – no more rescues. The warrior’s eyes rolled in their sockets, aware of the lie. Unfortunately or not, a stack of requests back home said otherwise – the reward money too good to pass up. Someone always needed saving, and that someone usually had parents willing to pay for their safe return. And you need the money…

Don’t remind me.

Sweat trickled down the warrior’s back after reaching the top of the tower. The clanking of the armor with each step echoed loudly down to the bottom. Surely the princess heard me coming?

A knock on the door later, a voice floated through what looked like mahogany. “Who is it?”

A man’s voice? The warrior kicked down the door. “Are you kidding me? I came all this way just so someone could beat me to it!?”

But the scene that awaited on the other side of the door was not what the warrior was expecting. Rather than a fellow warrior getting ready to leave with the princess, it was a young man dressed in the princess regalia of the kingdom that hired the warrior.

“Finally!” In his excitement, he let go of an object he’d been holding – a half inflated balloon – and it shot out the top of the tower, lost immediately to the night sky. That’s when the warrior noticed that the room was full of them – balloons of all colors, everywhere. Is that how he’d passed his time trapped up here? “Sorry – I guess you were expecting a damsel in distress?”

“No – no. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed.” Embarrassment overtook the warrior. She removed her helmet, and the hair she wore in a ponytail brushed her shoulders as it came loose of the protective gear. Approaching the princess, she stuck out her hand. “My name’s Katrina.”

“Leo. It’s nice to meet you, Katrina.” He shook her hand, a blush tinging his cheeks to match hers.


Thanks for reading!! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the stories for WOW 555 on Saturday! If you’re a writer, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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