#SwiftFicFriday – Rules

A few years ago I participated in a flash fiction contest called #5MinuteFiction. It sparked a love of flash fiction prompts that eventually led to the writing of not one, not two, but three complete (as of yet unpublished) stories. Unfortunately the prompt series died off after some time, and it’s left a hole in my heart ever since. So I’ve decided to try my hand at hosting a similar prompt.

And that leads us here, to #SwiftFicFriday.

How it works:

  • Prompt will go live every Friday morning, and you’ll have until Sunday night to post your response in the comments. The prompt could be anything – a picture, a quote, a song, etc.
  • Please provide social media handles/links, as well as anything you want to shout-out (this could be any books for sale, a charity cause, etc), with your submission.
  • The response must be between 150-300 words.
  • On Monday morning, a post will go up with all the entries, and readers will vote for a favorite. Voting will be open all day.
  • Winner will be announced on Tuesday with a spotlight post highlighting the story. The post will include links provided in the entry, and general shouting the awesomeness of the winner from the rooftops.

All stories are property of the authors.

Now that you know the rules, keep an eye out for the prompts 🙂 Keep in mind, I’m on EST.

Happy writing!

Image credit: phoenix by sandara