Too Late

Hello! And I'm still easing back into it. On the brightside, it's good to be participating in #ThursThreads again! Prompt: "But it is too late." ~~~ I can only watch as Lucifer and Marcus take Videl away. They've asked me to watch over her mother while Max returns. Left on my own, I take a… Continue reading Too Late


Two Word Tuesday – Wintry

Happy Friday! Looks like I'll only be posting on Friday for a while to come. Still, some writing is better than no writing. I'll be trying to switch up the prompts, too. This week brings us a prompt from Our Write Side I haven't tried yet - Two Word Tuesday! Another contribution into A Vampire's Bride.… Continue reading Two Word Tuesday – Wintry

Absolute uncertainty

Happy Friday! So I'm going to try to respond to at least one prompt a week while I'm in this limbo. This week, my favorite: Our Write Side's Master Class Monday prompt. A little late, I know, but better late than never (words to live by!). Since I've updated both Provisional Freedom and Secondhand Soul pretty recently, today's post… Continue reading Absolute uncertainty

Broken Moon

Happy Friday! I'm slacking, worse than usual. It's been an odd past few weeks, filled with moments of extreme motivation as well as extreme lethargy. It sucks, because I want to do things but can't bring myself to actually start doing them. On the bright side, I have done a little bit of writing. Also,… Continue reading Broken Moon

#ThursThreads – Cross-Over!

Happy Thursday! Didn't think I'd get around to actually writing a post for today, but here we are. It's a special treat - a cross-over! Today's prompt comes courtesy of #ThursThreads. Prompt: "We are being watched." Happy reading! "We are being watched." The sensation drips down the back of my neck, every hair standing on… Continue reading #ThursThreads – Cross-Over!

Shameful musings

Hello! It's been a while, I know. The good news is that I've been getting quite some reading and writing done. The bad news is that means I've had to neglect the blog a bit. Eventually, I'll find the happy middle ground I so desperately need. Until then, sporadic updates it is! Today's post comes… Continue reading Shameful musings

Creative bravery

Happy Hump Day! Meant to try to get something written up earlier in the week, but we all know how these things go. On the bright side, I've gotten some reading done and may or may not have found a new favorite book series. Anyway, on to the prompt! Today's post comes courtesy of Our… Continue reading Creative bravery