#ThursThreads – Tough

#ThursThreads – Tough

Prompt: “How tough would that be?”

It was a tempting proposal. Not like she had anything going for her right now anyway. After the collapse of her last relationship, she wasn’t exactly eager to head back to the States either.

“What do you say, mija?”

She looked between her grandmother and the lawyer. It’d been so long since she saw her grandmother this excited – invigorated, even. And the prospect of staying in Colombia a little longer only seemed to make her happier.

“How tough would that be, renovating the whole property?” As enticing as the romantic estate was, she knew better than to assume it would be easy. She met the lawyer’s gaze with serious eyes. “And don’t sugar-coat it. It’s clear our late cousin hadn’t set foot there since the fire.”

“The house’s structure is solid, the surrounding grounds fertile.” He shrugged. “With the right crew, I imagine it wouldn’t take longer than six months.” He seemed confident, and, as a local, he would know. After a smile, he looked at his phone. “You don’t have to answer right away, if you need some more time to think about it. In the meantime, I can look into whatever permits you may need to get the work started.”

She let him go with the promise to call in two days with a decision. Though deep down she’d already made up her mind. Something inside her needed to do this, felt a strange connection to the rundown house.

“It’ll be an adventure!”

Her grandmother’s joy was contagious.

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