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Coming Soon: The Fiddler of Dawn and Dusk

Excited to announce my upcoming self-pub release – The Fiddler of Dawn and Dusk for May 19th!

Camilla Vargas, gifted violinist unwilling to ever play again.

When I said I wanted to start over somewhere new, being pulled into a world of monsters and magic is not what I had in mind. Caught in the grips of a faulty spell, my only hope of getting home is picking up a violin and completing a goddess’ quest. Add to that a handsome but less-than-willing, divinely appointed bodyguard, and this whole fiasco runs the risk of ruining my new life plan.

But maybe that’s not so bad.

Valmong, prodigy cleric ignoring the voice of his patron god.

When Tenebrin’s voice rings in my mind, I’m usually better at tuning him out. But he’s persistent, and as a cry rings out through the trees, I can’t ignore the order to help. Camilla is odd — for a bard — refusing the violin that’s clearly hers and unfamiliar with the magic she can wield. Her quest for Claritas’ Insight will probably get me killed, but the longer I’m with her, the less I care.

I just want to keep her safe — even if it means I’ll never see her again.

Cover by Sandra Proudman

This has been a real passion project, and I can’t wait to share it with you. This month, Siobhan Muir will be celebrating her ten year authorversary, and has opened the celebration to various authors. As part of the festivities, I’ll be reading an excerpt from The Fiddler of Dawn and Dusk, as it is a companion to her recently published The Sorceress of Song and Flame.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the excerpt 🙂

Update: The Fiddler of Dawn and Dusk now available for pre-order!

Pre-order links:

As always, keep on keeping on!


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