#ThursThreads – Visions

#ThursThreads – Visions

Prompt: “She said nothing.”

When my surroundings come back into focus, I’m on my knees in a heap of skirts. The hallway tilts and someone catches me, keeping me from falling the rest of the way. Cold stone against my palms shocks my senses.

“Nora? What did you see?” He cups my face, scanning it for any hint of the vision.

“So much fire.” I meet Nolan’s eyes. “They’re in danger.” The sight of charred bodies turns my stomach, but it’s burned into my eyes now. How long before I can forget it? “Celeste, Kieran.” I whisper their names, as if that would make it any less horrifying.

Footsteps hurry toward us, and Nolan glances over my head, “Your father’s guard. Should we tell them?”

“No.” My answer is immediate. “Can’t trust them.”

Nolan frowns, but I know I can trust him to help. My father’s men are a whole other story.


“Miss, is everything alright?” One of the knight stands behind me as Nolan helps me stand. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine.” But my voice is weak. I clear my throat. “Nothing’s wrong.”


“She said nothing.” Nolan’s voice is stern, eyes glaring at the knights. He takes my arm, gently tucking it into his. “Just the heat, yes?”

Offering the other mage a smile, I nod. “Just need some rest. This dress is killing me.”

It’s not a total lie, and enough to make the knights leave. I tug on Nolan’s arm, determined to find somewhere private to recount what I saw.

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Update: This one earned an honorable mention – yay!


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