#SwiftFicFriday – Week 27 Winner

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 27 Winner

Happy Monday!

Siobhan Muir takes her fourth #SwiftFicFriday win!

Check out her story below and congratulate her on Twitter 🙂

“This is my new moon home, this is where I found my pride, this is where my father lies, and this is how I know I tried.”

A pure, sharp voice ripped Ambrose out of his thoughts and brought his head up. Was someone singing? The melody was haunting and wistful, but powerful in its conjuring of images with just the words.

“This is where my heart first turned light and my soul took flight.”

He followed the voice as it rang off the rocks and through the trees of the mountain side. It beguiled him, pulling at his heart and spirit like a tow cable. He tried to ignore, but it was as irresistible as a siren’s song.

“I can hear the dreams of the world within me.”

He came around the granite monolith providing the edge of the small pool at the base of the falls and his breath caught. Roxanne stood waist-deep and naked in the cascade, the cool water caressing her breasts and making the nipples stand in hard points. He’d never really paid much attention to her body – she wasn’t a centaur – but just the sight of her water-slick torso shot arousal straight through him.

“Now the time has come and all our work is done. I’ll take your wisdom with me, and leave my song for you.” She threw her head under the pounding water from the falls. “But my wings catch wind and I must sail again, I am called back home with a heart of stone.”

Ambrose’s gut cramped. She would eventually have to go back to her own world. She didn’t belong here in a world full of centaurs, manticores, dryads and the like. His heart broke and withered with the idea of her departure.

I’m not ready to lose her.

Come back on Friday for the next prompt!

Winner - Siobhan Muir


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