Menace – a return to #ThursThreads

I live! Sort of. Like last year, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo. My writing habits in general have also changed which means less will pop up here and more will happen behind the scenes. Alas, such is life when I have trouble keeping up with everything I want to do. Still, every once in a while… Continue reading Menace – a return to #ThursThreads



Sup! Didn't think I'd get a post up, but here we are ūüôā Today's inspiration comes from Plots and Prompts for All. Prompt: "If I wanted you dead, this room would be a lot quieter." ~~~ Standing at exactly five feet and two inches,¬†I've never thought of myself as particularly intimidating. No one has ever… Continue reading Intimidation

Angel in Training

Hello! So yesterday I failed miserably at trying to improve my layout. Here's to trying again today. This redesign will not get the best of me! In the meantime, here's another flash piece. Prompt:¬†You have just passed away, and you find yourself at the Gates of Heaven. You were not evil, but you weren't the… Continue reading Angel in Training

Flickering Sun

Hello! So the piece below was inspired partially by the eclipse a few weeks ago and by a writing prompt I saw around the same time. Basically, one day the sun starts to flicker. What happens? I started this story with the hopes of entering it in a contest but lost track of time and… Continue reading Flickering Sun

#ThursThreads – Nervous

Sup sup! It's been a while since I've contributed to #ThursThreads, so it feels good to get back into it again. Today's piece is for¬†Provisional Freedom ¬†and though it includes references to¬†Secondhand Soul, it's only getting categorized under Paola's story, since Videl's origin story is all done! Prompt: "Do I make you nervous?" ~~~ Having… Continue reading #ThursThreads – Nervous

#100WordChallenge – Wish

Morning! And the 15 minute writing bursts continue. This time, with a prompt from Thin Spiral Notebook, the 100 word challenge. Prompt: Wish ~~~ Despite everything I've seen, I know wishing and praying won't get me anywhere. Still, that doesn't stop me from wishing with every fiber of my being that Max would leave me… Continue reading #100WordChallenge – Wish

#100wordchallenge – Lost

Hello! Work is beginning to wind down a bit, so I think I'm going to try participating in the #100wordchallenge every week. After all, it's only 100 words. I think I can manage that on a weekly basis. Prompt: Lost Today we dive back into¬†Provisional Freedom (this title needs work, I'll be changing it eventually).… Continue reading #100wordchallenge – Lost