#ThursThreads – Say No

#ThursThreads – Say No

Prompt: “Do you think I’ll say no?”

The goddess’ words linger when I wake.

Make him go with you. You’ll need his help.

I must be losing my mind. It was just a dream, right? But when I open my eyes and I look across the dead fire, Valmong is there, on his bedroll on the grass. I’m awake but still in this  world, still in an unfamiliar forest with a horned man. A horned man with a tail.

How did I not notice it last night? It twitches in his sleep, and I can’t help but stare.

As if sensing my thoughts, Valmong opens his eyes. His gaze falls on me immediately, and for a moment it seems he’s still asleep. A second later his eyes clear, and recognition flashes in them. He remembers, likely recalling the previous night.

“Morning.” The greeting feels awkward on my lips as I hurry to look away.

“Is it?” He sounds upset, and I wonder if he noticed me staring, if I’ve offended him.

You’ll need his help.

“I need to ask you-.”

“Tenebrin and Claritas visited, I’m guessing?” He rolls onto his back.

“Just Claritas.”

Valmong sits up, and I turn to look at him again. His golden eyes linger on mine, and I can’t help but feel like he’s reading me. “Do you think I’ll say no?”

“She seemed to think so.”

At that, he gives a humorless chuckle.

“Is that a no, then?”

“It’s an ‘I’ve nothing better to do’.” He gets up and gathers his things.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt.

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

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