#MidWeekFlash – Setting out

#MidWeekFlash – Setting out

Prompt: #MidWeekFlash

It’s difficult, trying to keep the anger at bay, the sense of betrayal. But mom’s voice hums in the back of my mind.

You’ll tire yourself out, staying angry. Just take deep breaths. Don’t let it cloud your judgement.

Still, I find myself practically punching each can of food into my backpack. I’m careful to leave some room for my mother’s journals, though. Adwin left a decent chunk of them behind, but I can’t tell if he was picky about which ones he took with him. Skimming through a few of them, they seem like they’re all over the place and span at least a decade. If there is a rhyme or reason for which ones he took, I figure it’s worth taking as many as I can with me, too.

Equipped with everything I can carry – including the small bottle of holy water my bastard of a brother left me – I take one more look around the room. We spent less than a week here. My eyes fall on the perimeter of consecrated dirt we’d used to secure the space. What a waste. I’d need to stop at the nearest cemetery for more, especially if I intend to be able to get any sleep as I travel.

Outside, the leaves have started to fall. The sight of them littering the road in front of the house only drives home my need to find shelter again before dark, to track my twin down before travel gets more difficult and dangerous than it already is.

I take my old bicycle out of the garage. It might be too dangerous for a motorized vehicle, but there’s no way I’m going to walk into town. Is that even the direction Adwin went? The thought is intrusive, and I do my best to shake it away. If I were Adwin – and I’m as close as anyone can ever get to actually being him – then that’s what I would do.

Once upon a time, I loved riding my bike – my motorcycle – down this road in the early fall. Mom was never a fan of it, and half the thrill was honestly working her up over my decision to take it out. Even after she passed, though, I continued riding it for fun. Especially whenever I fought with Lexia.

What would she think of us now? As much as I don’t want to dwell on my cousin, on everything that’s happened, there’s no helping it. Left to my own devices and with nothing to distract me, all I can do is think about Lexia, and the sight of her astral form slicing her own body apart. Her shrouded form in the grave beneath the apple tree. How I dug out her pendant.

Her pendant. The thought of it brings an unexpected fury. Adwin not only ditched me, but heĀ stole it.

I’ve never hurt my brother, but if I ever see him again, I can’t guarantee I won’t kill him.

This bit felt like pulling teeth. Whyyyyy?

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As always, think happy thoughts!


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