#ThursThreads – A Struggle

#ThursThreads – A Struggle

Prompt: “I don’t need you.”

Her voice clouds my mind. I don’t know how I know, but deep inside I can feel it’s Mara. Across the chasm, Arius keeps calling out to me, but it’s faint.

Do as you’re told. Take the book and go. You’ll never get home otherwise.

Home. I haven’t thought about home in a long time. How long has this little adventure with Death taken, anyway? Weeks, months, years? It’s impossible to tell, but the thought doesn’t bring as much panic as it would have at the start.

“I don’t need you to get home. Arius will take me.” I’m not sure why I speak to Mara. Something tells me acknowledging the old entity’s presence will only make her stronger. Still, I can’t help it. “He promised.”

And what have his promises been so far, if not lies? Her voice has a quiet menace to it, but she makes a point. My dealings with Death should have ended with the first task he set for me. I was never supposed to accompany him this far.

This trip hadn’t been part of our deal.

Anger claws at my chest, but I’m not sure where it comes from, or that it’s entirely mine. When I look toward Arius, he’s nothing but a speck in the distance.

He’ll move on and find another human, just as expendable, to help him.

“I’m not expendable.” The etchings on my hand begin to glow as I reach for the book. They burn, but that doesn’t stop me.

Is it weird if I say that, even though we’re so close to the end, I still have no clue where this is going?

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Friendly Reminder: My writing prompt challenge got a reboot! Now #SwiftFicFriday, the prompts go live on Friday nights. Check out the rules here.

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