Prompt: Denial

It’s pointless to deny that I’m enjoying this little adventure, but I refuse to let Death see that. I won’t give him the satisfaction. He tricked me, and whether I’m enjoying it or not is a moot point. I don’t appreciate being taken advantage of, and though I can’t do anything about it, it’s some comfort to know my petulance grates on him.

“Any ideas?”

“No.” Arms crossed, I can’t help a small smile. “Shouldn’t you just, I don’t know, tell me what to do?”

“It doesn’t work like that.” His frustration tastes like cafe con leche – light and sweet.

I don’t know where this piece came from, honestly. I also still don’t have a name for this character. But it’s a good distraction from what I should be working on, so here we are.

As always, think happy thoughts!