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#100WordChallenge – Denial

Prompt: Denial It's pointless to deny that I'm enjoying this little adventure, but I refuse to let Death see that. I won't give him the satisfaction. He tricked me, and whether I'm enjoying it or not is a moot point. I don't appreciate being taken advantage of, and though I can't do anything about it,… Continue reading #100WordChallenge – Denial

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Divine Intervention – another combo!

Another prompt combo: #ThursThreads & #100WordChallenge Enjoy! It starts with the fire, with the burn at my center. My divinity being torn away. Maybe I've spent too much time around humans, and their imagery has seeped into my subconscious. Flames of damnation are not a real thing. And yet I'm always overtaken by fire, by… Continue reading Divine Intervention – another combo!

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#100WordChallenge – Broken Focus

Totally dropped the ball on getting my weekly writing done last week, but here I am! And the best part? This week's bit (inspired by #100WordChallenge) contributes to¬†Withered Legacy and Saxon's characterization. So yay! Prompt: Interrupted "Saxon?" Elle's voice interrupts my concentration, and I nearly lose it. "Go. Away." Meditation is not easy. I had… Continue reading #100WordChallenge – Broken Focus

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A Prompt Combo!

Two weeks in a row? Maybe I really am back! Today's prompt comes courtesy of both #100WordChallenge & #ThursThreads. For 100 words, I couldn't use the letter "D" - turns out that was a little bit harder than the letter "A" challenge from way back when. For Thurs Threads, I had to include the phrase… Continue reading A Prompt Combo!

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#100WordChallenge, we meet again

Sometimes you just need to scroll through your own content for inspiration. Today, I was scrolling through, trying to jog some memories, when I came across one of my posts for this word prompt series. Then I realized it's Wednesday, and the new challenge for the week should be up. This has always been among… Continue reading #100WordChallenge, we meet again

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#100wordchallenge – Lost

Hello! Work is beginning to wind down a bit, so I think I'm going to try participating in the #100wordchallenge every week. After all, it's only 100 words. I think I can manage that on a weekly basis. Prompt: Lost Today we dive back into¬†Provisional Freedom (this title needs work, I'll be changing it eventually).… Continue reading #100wordchallenge – Lost