#ThursThreads – Screams

#ThursThreads – Screams

Prompt: “I block out the screams.”

His apology triggers a knot in my throat, and I choke on it as I try to speak. Before I can get any words out, though, the wind picks up, quickly becoming a violent, ear-shattering gale. He pulls me in, trying to shield me from it, but the screams riding on the wind pierce through us.

Those things from the forest found us.

“You need to go.”

“What?” I block out the screams – or try to. Still, I can barely hear him.

“I’m sending you home.” He takes the book – I forgot I still had it – and takes a small step back.

“Wait, don’t-” My hair is everywhere, and I struggle to tame it, to see him clearly.

Arius’ hand slides to my cheek, and he pulls me toward him once more. Our lips meet, this kiss just as brief as the first. His hand grows warm against my skin, the sensation spreading down my neck and in every direction. I look at my hands in time to see Mara’s marks beginning to fade.

Death takes my hand and brings it to his lips. He murmurs something, but I can’t hear him. When our eyes meet again, there’s sorrow in his despite his smile.


I blink, and it’s like a door shuts in my face. There’s a blank wall in front of me, and I’m alone in the hall. The silence is deafening. Outside, it’s nearly dawn.

Arius’ bracelet hangs cold and dead on my wrist, our connection broken.

All aboard the angst train! Although, if you’ve read enough of my stuff, you know it’s not a particularly long ride.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt.

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

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