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A Prompt Combo!

Two weeks in a row? Maybe I really am back!

Today’s prompt comes courtesy of both #100WordChallenge & #ThursThreads. For 100 words, I couldn’t use the letter “D” – turns out that was a little bit harder than the letter “A” challenge from way back when. For Thurs Threads, I had to include the phrase “I thought I was alone” in the piece. Below is what I came up with.


Maybe it was a mistake to ask for help, to pull Nate into this. But just thinking about him makes me wish I sought help sooner. At my father’s company, I thought I was alone. That I was the only one against the military contracts. I wasn’t, but no one else chose to leave with me. That loneliness still stung.

Even my family…

“Selah?” His voice breaks through my thoughts. When I say nothing, he comes closer. Nate cups my face, catching my tears with his thumbs. I never even felt them fall.

“I’m so sorry.”

He lets me cry.

It feels good to stretch my wording muscles.

As always, think happy thoughts!


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