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#ThursThreads – A Request

Prompt: “I’ll think about it.”

Getting an audience with my father – no matter how many times I’ve done it – is always an ordeal. Never mind actually getting him to agree to my request. And now that I’m actually face to face with him and have his undivided attention, my resolve wavers a bit.

What if I’m making a mistake? But I can’t let myself think that way. My gut has never steered me wrong, and the visions are only getting worse. I pace to keep myself from shaking as I recount the visions I’ve had over the past week – flashes of Celeste and Kieran hurt and in pain. Both princesses being held by some unknown force. My father’s men bloodied and beaten. Each image bleaker than the last. By the time I’m done, my father is as taken aback as I am tired.

“So what do you propose, Eleanora?”

“Let Nolan and me go ahead of the main party. Give us a few days to investigate.”

“We’ll send word when it’s safe to follow.” Nolan’s voice is steady, calm, a contrast to mine.

“If it’s safe.”

My father leans back in his chair, eyes going between us, worry behind them. He doesn’t usually take me seriously, so seeing him like this does offer a little comfort.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Thank you.” I bow, and Nolan follows suit before we both leave the throne room.

“Do you think he’ll agree?”

“I hope so.”

Writing really has been like pulling teeth this past year and I don’t know why. Here’s hoping I can continue chipping away at this one until it opens the flood gates.

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As always, keep on keeping on!


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