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#ThursThreads – Not real

Prompt: “They aren’t real.”

My mind a muddled mess from my latest nightmare and the vision of Nolan’s attack, I make my way to the library. This late, the halls are empty, so I don’t expect to encounter anyone. Most, if not everyone in the castle are fast asleep and I can almost hear their collective breathing, the stillness that comes with slumber. As I walk into the library, though, I’m greeted with a faint light coming from the stacks. Shadows dance in a what appears to be a deliberate rhythm, and I follow them quietly until I find Nolan sitting on the floor between shelves, small balls of light bouncing between his hands.

“Can’t sleep either?” He whispers the words, but I hear them loud and clear.

“Unfortunately.” I hover at the end of the aisle, continuing to watch him.

“More visions?” He stills the dancing light, before meeting my eyes.

“More like nightmares.” A chill settles between us, and I shiver, rubbing my arms together as I make my way closer and sit against the bookshelf beside him. “I keep telling myself they aren’t real, but that doesn’t actually help.”

“How do you know the difference?”

“Visions feel solid. Nightmares are…something else. A little fuzzy, usually.” I yawn, dragging out the last word before resting my head against his shoulder and closing my eyes. “I’d kill for a little dreamless sleep.”

The featherlight touch of his fingertip grazes my forehead, and I jolt awake, back in my room.

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