#ThursThreads – Curiosity

#ThursThreads – Curiosity

Prompt: “By the end of the week.”

Having captured our would-be attackers and turned them over to the king, Nolan and I are dismissed and told to take a break. Apparently, we “deserve it” and should be grateful for the reprieve while Celeste and her future bride finalize their wedding details. As if there’s no chance of being attacked again. I’m frustrated, to say the least.

But it’s been a few days and things have quieted down. The charms all over the grounds remain intact, and Nolan hasn’t sensed any threats either. Unfortunately for me, now I have entirely too much time to myself and my thoughts.

So they start to wander. Specifically, they wander to Nolan and how I’ve yet to see his face, despite all the time I’ve spent with him since our sparring match. I’ve seen him nearly naked, and yet that mask never budges. Not even in a fight. By the end of the week, the urge to ask him about it again is near overwhelming.

“You’re staring.” His voice breaks through the stillness of the library, but he doesn’t look up from his book. “Is my mask really more interesting than your book?”

“Yes.” I stop pretending to read. “What is it for? You don’t always need the runes, so why do you wear it?”

“If you must know,” he pauses with a sigh, “it’s to protect others.”

“From what?”

“From me.” He meets my eyes head-on, voice soft, his words careful. “I’m cursed. Anyone who sees my face, dies.”

Does this mean I’m back to writing regularly? Probably not, but this is the first time in months that I’ve written anything new, so I see that as a win 🙂

Be sure to check out the responses at the prompt!

As always, keep on keeping on!

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