#ThursThreads – Intruders

#ThursThreads – Intruders

Prompt: “I should’ve known.”

“Eleanora!” Nolan calls my name as the first intruder slumps beneath me. I look up in time to heed his warning, summon a blade with a swing of my arm, and parry the oncoming blow. A jolt shoots through me at the screech of metal on metal. With a muttered spell, I set my blade aflame. The sudden flash gives me the upper hand, and the man stumbles back. Two steps, and I run him through with my sword.

Two down, one to go.

Nolan’s opponent notices my victory first, eyes wide at the sight of his companions’ bodies lifeless on the floor. The shock is all Nolan needs, and in another second, the last intruder is against the wall, pinned to it by Nolan’s will alone. He struggles against the invisible bindings, but it’s no use.

Holding my blade to the man’s neck, I spit the question, “Who sent you?”

Though he’s outmatched and only alive because we want him to be, defiance lights his eyes. I should’ve known it wouldn’t be this easy.

Before I can attempt to persuade him, though, footsteps come down the hall.

“Took you long enough.” I narrow my eyes at the king’s guard.

“We’ll take it from here.” The lead guard walks toward the intruder, but Nolan continues to hold him, looking to me for permission.

“If it’s all the same to you, we’ll escort him to the dungeon ourselves.”

The guard looks like he’ll argue, but then nods, letting us lead.

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