#ThursThreads – Unmarried

#ThursThreads – Unmarried

Prompt: “You could stay.”

Celeste and Kieran retire from the festivities as soon as it’s acceptable. I can’t help but smile as Nolan and I escort them to their new chambers. My sister has never been happier, and both princesses are the picture of joy, walking hand in hand down the moonlit corridor, giggling to each other.

“I’ll be in my room.” We stop at their door. “Don’t exactly want to hang out for the wedding night.” I wink at them, embarrassing my sister into hilarious shades of red.

Soon enough they’re inside, leaving their mages standing in the hall. Nolan looks intent to stand there all night, keeping guard.

“Come on – doubt they’d appreciate us hanging around here, either.”

Nolan glances at the door once, before following me. “I’m surprised you’re leaving them unguarded.”

“Unguarded?” I scoff. “I enchanted the shit out of their entire suite. If anything so much as breathes in that direction, I’ll know.”

“Clever.” His smile is hidden behind the mask, but I hear it in his voice. Pride warms my chest at the praise.

“But if you’re worried,” we’re at my door now, around the corner, “you could stay here.”

He hesitates, and I realize my mistake. I might be a clever mage, but he still just sees me as a princess. An unmarried princess.

“Or not.” I try not to let annoyance into my tone.


“I’ll let you know if anything trips my enchantments,” I retreat into my suite, embarrassment burning in my chest. “Good night.”

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