#ThursThreads – Of Course

#ThursThreads – Of Course

Prompt: “Of course there is.”

When I come to, the first thing I register is a pounding headache. My eyes burn, like I’m seeing daylight for the first time in months. Dawn peeks out above the trees, and I’m struck by the memory of the previous night.

The hooded figures, the ceremonial dagger. My status as Vessel. I sit up, trying to remember. I’m no longer on the raised stone dais, but lying in the grass beside it. Around me, the clearing is a bloodbath. All that’s left of the men who took me is torn cloaks, splatters of blood, and bits of flesh. I’m drenched in grime, the once white dress beyond saving.


“God had nothing to do with it.” I recognize the voice immediately. The shadows nearby, though diminishing in the rising sun, take on a humanoid shape. I follow the shadow and realize I’m the one casting it.

“It wasn’t a bad dream.” To escape one demon, I invited another. My heart twists with fear – he may be worse than the one I’d been intended for.

“Afraid not.” The shadow shifts, and gaps form where his mouth and eyes would be.

“What happens now? You get my soul, or something?”

“Of course there is always payment, but that’s not it.” He pulls away from the ground, coming to loom over me. I do my best to stand my ground, be defiant. “No – our arrangement will be a partnership.”

The edge to his voice tells me this isn’t what he wanted, either.

Be sure to check out the responses at the prompt!

As always, keep on keeping on!

Update: Finally broke into double digit wins!


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