Another #NaNoWriMo Passes

Another #NaNoWriMo Passes

And this time around, I didn’t even come close to the 50k mark. Hell, I didn’t even make it 30% of the way there. But you know what?

I have 14k more words than I had before, and I think that’s all that matters. Whether you wrote a ton or only squeaked out a handful of sentences, the important thing is that you got creative. NaNoWriMo isn’t so much about making it to that end goal, as it is about getting into a habit (or trying to, in my case).

So after my worst #NaNoWriMo ever, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. It’s okay I didn’t write 50k – I did manage to carve out 14k.
  2. It’s okay I didn’t write everyday – I did manage to write every week.
  3. It’s okay I didn’t finish the book – I did work on some playlists, Pinterest boards, and outlines.

And honestly, everything I did get done is still impressive (to me) because I managed to do it while prepping for the holidays/hosting a (small) Thanksgiving.

And especially in this, the weirdest of years, anything we’ve managed to do – be it major accomplishments or simply just getting through it – is commendable. 2020 has been really hard on so many of us, so don’t beat yourself up on top of that.

As always, keep on keeping on!

3 thoughts on “Another #NaNoWriMo Passes

  1. Well said! I only managed 10k as I fell ill halfway though the month…but I am ok now and I have a solid start on which I can build in December. I am also taking a long stretch of time off work for Christmas (lucky to have a job given the circs) so I am determined to be positive about it…just like you. 😊

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