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#ThursThreads – Keeping Secrets

Prompt: “Keep your little secrets.

I hunch over the notebook, bringing my face much too close to the page, straining to see in the dying light of the fire. Careful not to tip the inkwell over, I dip my quill and try to get one more line of the song done.

“I’m surprised you can even see in this lighting.” Val comes up behind me. “Writing anything good?” I startle when I realize how close he is, and pull the book close to my chest.

“It’s rude to read over people’s shoulders.” My face reddens, and though it’s dark I know he can see the blush rising in my cheeks. I’ve never liked showing others my original music, let alone anything unfinished.

“Fine – keep your little secrets.” He moves to sit on the other side of the fire, waving his hand at my book. “As long as it’s not some volatile song that will backfire on us.”

“It won’t.” At least, I hope it won’t. The music I write, as I’m writing it, is as much a secret to me as it is to him.

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As always, keep on keeping on!


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