#ThursThreads – Full Circle

#ThursThreads – Full Circle

Prompt: “Everything comes full circle.”

I’m the first to stir a few hours later, my mind running a mile a minute and for a moment I forget where I am. It takes my brain a bit to catch up, to register what’s happened since I woke up in the forest. Everything comes full circle and, despite having found Nevari the night before, I don’t feel any closer to getting home. I know Valmong said to take it one task at a time, and focus on what’s in front of us, but that does little to tamper my anxiety.

I don’t want to open my eyes, just want to keep sleeping as if that could mean the next time I wake up, it’ll all be nothing but a bad dream. Maybe if I think it hard enough, it’ll be true.

When I do eventually open my eyes, I realize I’ve drifted closer to Valmong. He’s less than a foot away, and I’ve somehow managed to trap his cloak under me. This close and in the light of the sun coming through the window, it’s easy to see every bump and scratch he earned the night before, fighting Arasne. I wonder at just how strong that elixir is, that he can sleep, likely through immense pain. He’s even cracked one of his horns at the base – an injury I originally mistook for a scratch.

I make a vow then and there – no matter what, I won’t run from another fight, not if it means leaving him alone.

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As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

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