#ThursThreads – Eavesdropping

#ThursThreads – Eavesdropping

Prompt: “They think I don’t hear them, but I do.”

Valmong and Oriza’s conversation turns very heated, very quickly. I’m supposed to be unconscious, so they think I don’t hear them, but I do. Maybe I shouldn’t be eavesdropping, but it’s hard not to when the cabin walls are so thin.

“She nearly got you killed – is that what you want?” Oriza’s words – harsh but true – dig guilt deeper in my chest.

“You’d rather me leave her to fend for herself?” Valmong whispers his reply, exhaustion in every word.

“Yes. She’s not your problem. And you’ve brought her to my doorstep!”

She’s right, of course. Valmong doesn’t owe me anything.

When I enter the room, I try be loud, so they don’t think I was sneaking around. Valmong’s back is to me, but Oriza sees me. Her eyes narrow to slits in a glare that feels like a slap before she turns and storms out.

“Don’t mind her.” Valmong winces as he stands and faces me. His lack of a shirt leaves the bandaging of his injury in full view, reminding me of exactly why his mother is so upset. “She’s just not used to my bringing friends around.”

“So we’re friends?”

He dodges the question with a shrug and half a smile. “How do you feel?”

“I’m fine.” I brush away his concern. “You, on the other hand, could use some healing.” Motioning for him to sit back down, I bring my violin up to my chin.

He closes his eyes as the first few notes dance around us.

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