#MonsterMash2019 – Bad Roommate

#MonsterMash2019 – Bad Roommate

If you’ve hung around here long enough, you’ll know I love writing prompt challenges – especially those of the flash fiction persuasion. So when given the opportunity to co-host a series of holiday-inspired prompts with Cara Michaels, Siobhan Muir, and Ever Addams, you know I had to say yes!

And that brings us to the first challenge – #MonsterMash2019, hosted by Siobhan Muir.

If you’re a writer, be sure to check out the prompt post! First and second place winners will receive an Amazon gift card for $10 and $5, respectively.

To inspire you into writing, each of us chose a quote from a favorite horror movie. My pick was:

I don’t like when he walks around at night. – Insidious

Below is my take on the quote – enjoy!

Bad Roommate

I don’t like when he walks around at night. I never have.

You’d think after ten years I’d be used to it. Unfortunately for me, I’ve always been a light sleeper and he’s never been considerate of that.

“Please. For the love of all things sleepy – just give me one night without your god-forsaken pacing!” With my face sandwiched between pillows, I know my voice is muffled, but he can definitely hear me. And his mocking laughter is like nails on a chalkboard.

“Would that I could…”

“Sadistic asshole.”

“I heard that.”

“Go to hell.” Pulling the comforter over my head, I hope the extra layer helps at least a little.

“It’s your fault I can’t.”

I don’t dignify that with a response, opting instead to focus on my breathing and my heartbeat. On the ticking of the clock on the wall above my bed. Anything that might help my brain latch onto drowsiness. By some miracle, it actually works.

Until he wakes me up again.

When my eyes open, he’s directly above me. His face is inches away, yellow cat-eyes wide and mouth split in a predator’s grin, every razor-sharp tooth on display. The rest of him has bled into the darkness of the room.

“Goddammit!” My heart jumps to my throat as I shoot upright and back up until my head hits the wall. “What the f-”

“Shhh…” A single finger comes up to his mouth as his eyes shift to the door and back to me. “We have an unwanted visitor…”

You’re an unwanted visitor…” I roll my eyes, but then I hear it – something crashes downstairs. Damn.

“Are they…”

“Normal? No.” He pauses and closes his eyes. A snake-like tongue slips out from between his teeth. “Tastes like…hmm…demon hunter.”

I don’t like the hunger in his voice, the excitement.


“Just say the word…” I really don’t want to, but I know what will happen if the hunter finds us.

See, the trouble with being bound to a demon – other than the obvious – is that his life is my life. If he dies, I die. And as much as I hate him, I’ve always had a healthy instinct for self-preservation. So I relent, trying not to feel guilty about the demon hunter’s fate.

“Fine. You get an hour – only an hour – and then you have to let me sleep. Understood?”

“Understood.” He grins again.

The searing pain starts behind my eyes and spreads in waves, throbbing in time with my heartbeat – our heartbeat.


Sunlight streams in through the window, and somewhere outside a bird sings in a tree. By all accounts it should be a serene awakening. But the cold hardwood under my cheek sends a shock through my system. I struggle to push myself up, sore and stiff all over. My skin feels crusty, my pajamas are slick against my skin, and the taste of copper sits in my mouth. Though I know why, I look down at my hands anyway.

There’s blood under my fingernails and drying maroon stains everywhere else. I slump against the nearest wall, trying not to vomit.

“You only gave me an hour. Not like I could have cleaned you up in that time, so I left you on the floor.” His voice drifts from the bedroom, where the lingering shadows house his diminished daylight form. “On the bright side, I didn’t leave left overs!”

The lack of body parts to deal with does make my life easier, but I’m not about to thank him for that.

I stand and take a moment to breathe, but that’s a mistake. A wave of nausea makes me wobble, and I end up leaving a trail of bloody smudges on the wall as I walk myself to the bathroom.

And that’s 628 ineligible, somewhat gory words.

Be sure to visit the prompt post at the link and get your entry in by 10/25!

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

Update: This piece now has a sort-of continuation. I’ll be using these characters in the rest of the upcoming holiday prompts!

5 thoughts on “#MonsterMash2019 – Bad Roommate

  1. Ooo! Very nice! I like the bound demon roommate–the different forms that can take, and in this case the having only one body between the two of them is fascinating!

    I know how Caldwell ended up with his demon in mine, so I wonder what the backstory is here. You had strongly painted sensory details throughout that really made this one for me!

    Liked by 1 person

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