To Self Publish or Not?

I’ve been thinking of trying to publish a novel I recently finished. Should I? I’ve never formally submitted anything for review like that, and if I do, should I go the self-publish route? There’s something to be said about not having to suffer rejection, but I feel like that’s cheating somehow.

If I self-publish, it’s kind of arrogant. I’m taking for granted that I can write well, while avoiding being told that someone might not like my writing. On the other hand, submitting a manuscript and waiting and waiting and waiting for a response doesn’t sound any better. After months of waiting, receiving a rejection would suck beyond all else.

And it’s not like it’s the first draft of my book, either. I’ve reread and rewritten so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve had peers look at it, and even my creative writing professor is reading it over.

Oh well. These are just the rantings of a writer lacking a bit of direction. If anyone has any advice on which route is better, that’d be great…

Tell me what you think!

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