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WOW 555 – Otherwordly

Happy Friday! I'm back and my vacation was awesome! I just wish it had been longer. On the bright side, this week was a short one for me, work-wise, so hooray! In hindsight, I definitely should have taken a recovery-day instead of going right back to work as soon as I returned, but oh well … Continue reading WOW 555 – Otherwordly

WOW 555 – Rising from the ashes

Hello & happy Friday! By the time this post goes up, I'll be overseas, chillin' in London! Woo! Since I'm going on vacation, I've decided to write this much earlier than I usually do. Since it's so early on in the week, I really don't have much to talk about this time. I will, however, … Continue reading WOW 555 – Rising from the ashes

WOW555 – Reflection

Happy Friday! This blog has been much busier this week than usual, with the attempted launch of my #TuesFlashFicTrain contest. If you saw yesterday's update, though, you'll know that the contest was a no-go due to no participation, and on hold until I get back from England (8/26). Then I'm going to re-group and try … Continue reading WOW555 – Reflection

WOW 555 – The Abyss

Happy Friday! Moving was just as painful as I thought it would be, surprisingly enough. It's been almost a week and I still haven't recovered. There's just so much to put away...too much. And although we made lots of progress on that front over the week, I still have enough to keep me busy after … Continue reading WOW 555 – The Abyss

WOW 555 – Going for a swim

Happy Friday! It's move-out day (part one) for me! Don't get me wrong, I'm not actually excited. Moving is a pain, and I've had to do it every summer for the past three years. While it's nice to be in new places, it's awful to pack/unpack all your stuff. Seriously, it's the worst. And, despite … Continue reading WOW 555 – Going for a swim

WOW 555 – Death & Inevitability

Happy Friday! Once again, I nearly didn't have (or make) time to write up a post for this week. I keep trying to come up with topics to make this blog more interesting, but the ideas keep slipping away, my drive going with them. How do people do it? My eternal praise and awe at … Continue reading WOW 555 – Death & Inevitability

WOW 555 – Snow in July?

Happy Friday! Is it just me, or is time starting to go by much quicker? This week was my two year anniversary at work, but it doesn't seem like I've been there that long. Also, my boyfriend and I planned a trip to London and it's a month away already! I feel like I hardly … Continue reading WOW 555 – Snow in July?

WOW 555 – Freedom Imminent!

Happy Friday! Is it just me, or is this the weirdest summer ever? I can't really speak for the rest of the country, but in Pennsylvania it's been pretty weird - like the weather can't decide if it wants to be summer or not. It's a little frustrating, even though I don't spend a ton … Continue reading WOW 555 – Freedom Imminent!