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WOW 555 – Oppression

Happy Friday! How's the week been treating you guys? Were you among the lucky ones who got Monday off (if you're in the States)? Or, like me, did you draw the short straw? Whatever the case, Martin Luther King, Jr. day is a day for remembering a great man. MLK Day is more of a … Continue reading WOW 555 – Oppression


Legend of Korra: Why I love this show

Happy Humpday! Can I just say: I CANNOT wait until Friday! Seriously, I love this show more than I can actually describe. However, I sure as hell can try to list the reasons why you should jump on the Korra train if you haven't already. (Minor spoilers) 1. Bad-assery of the female variety (and well-written … Continue reading Legend of Korra: Why I love this show