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#TuesFlashFicTrain has a new home!

Hello hello! So it has been quite some time since I've done anything for this flash prompt series. A combination of being overwhelmed with work and just not having the time to dedicate to it led to its being neglected. However, I have good news for those of you hoping it would come back! The… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain has a new home!

#TuesFlashFicTrain, Tuesday Flash Fiction Train

#TuesFlashFicTrain – R5-W4

Hello hello! I knew I jinxed myself when I said I was on a roll. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what happened. I do, however, partially blame my cell phone's reminders that seem to have magically stopped working. It's the worst. Before going any further, be sure to read parts one, two, and… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain – R5-W4

#TuesFlashFicTrain, Tuesday Flash Fiction Train, Winners

#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W3 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! So I really, really dropped the ball this round. Things have gotten a bit hectic and I've neglected this prompt series. I'm hoping to finish up this round, and then will be going on hiatus until I can get things in order again. First things first, though! The only reason… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W3 Winner!

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#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W3 Extended!

Happy Tuesday! So I kind of dropped the ball last week with promoting the prompt. Usually, if no one submits, I just come up with a new one and move on. However, I hate letting a good prompt go to waste (not to mention I'm feeling a bit lazy this week) and I really liked… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W3 Extended!

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#TuesFlashFicTrain – R5-W3

Happy Tuesday! I'm on a roll this round with getting posts up early! Yay me! Somehow, I need to figure out how to bottle this kind of discipline so I can store it for when I need it the most. I even got some writing done last week - this kind of productivity is unheard… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain – R5-W3

#TuesFlashFicTrain, Tuesday Flash Fiction Train, Winners

#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W2 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend! This week, Sienna's saga continues, and we learn a little bit more about her background thanks to Stacy! Using the prompt, she seamlessly pulled us into the next part of the story and adds a little more to the mystery of what… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W2 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain, Tuesday Flash Fiction Train

#TuesFlashFicTrain – R5-W2

Happy Tuesday! Is it just me, or did last week fly by? It feels like I never took a break from the prompts, and we're just going right along as we always did. Before checking out today's prompt, be sure to read yesterday's winner post - Stacy has set us up with quite the mystery,… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain – R5-W2

#TuesFlashFicTrain, Tuesday Flash Fiction Train, Winners

#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W1 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! We're back at it again with a new #TuesFlashFicTrain round, and this time we kick off a story thanks to Stacy Overby's imagination. She's set up a wonderful premise in response to the prompt. Mysteries and questions abound in her contribution to kick off our train, and I can't wait to… Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W1 Winner!