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New Cover Finally here!

Good morning! Happy Monday! It's finally here! This is the new cover for Reckoning (The Breach #1), thanks to the wonderful folks over at Deranged Doctor Design! Seriously, I can't be happier because it's impossible. They did an amazing job and captured exactly the feeling I wanted to convey. I'll definitely be going back to … Continue reading New Cover Finally here!

Reckoning Cover Reveal Tour

Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick post/update on the exploits of a self-published noob. Can I first just say - the indie community is super awesome! I've received nothing but helpful advice and guidance since I started my journey into self-publishing, and I can't thank everyone enough for the support/help. Now, onto news: Reckoning's new … Continue reading Reckoning Cover Reveal Tour

Shout out to Deranged Doctor Design

Update on the exploits of a self-published writer. Recently, I've had the privilege of working with the awesome folks over at Deranged Doctor Design, and let me tell you, they were fantastic! I heard about them through N.R. Champagne's twitter, as they had done the work for the cover of her debut novel, Prodigal Angel. … Continue reading Shout out to Deranged Doctor Design

Meet My Character: Lexia

Meet My Character: Lexia

Hello! And welcome to my leg of the Meet My Character Blog Tour - in which we'll be taking a look at Lexia, the protagonist of my debut novel Reckoning. First, a little bit of background: The Meet My Character Blog Tour is a neat event in which authors have interviews with the main characters of works they’ve recently published … Continue reading Meet My Character: Lexia

Finally took action!

So, in an attempt to get my ass in gear, I've decided to self-publish my first book, Reckoning, through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing program. As of 10:16 PM on 5/19/2014, it is officially published and available! *does a super happy dance and proceeds to bombard all social media with link to book* I thought about making … Continue reading Finally took action!