As much as I don’t want to put another story on my plate, today’s #ThursThreads prompt inspired another piece in Selah and Nate’s story.

Prompt: “Glad you think so.”


Nate’s nap did little to improve our moods. Not that I expected it to help me at all, but still. He said little, and I knew better at this point than to try to stir conversation –  especially while I stuck him with needles and hooked him up to all manner of machines. On the bright side, almost everything was normal.


Everything seemed fine until I withdrew the needle that had been taking blood samples. I prepared a cotton swab and bandage to cover the wound while it bled, but I didn’t need them.

“You’re not bleeding.”

“What? You got your samples, didn’t you?” He pointed at the vials on the nearby table.

“Yeah, but look,” The spot on his arm where I stuck the needle showed no sign of even a prick, “You should be bleeding now, but there’s nothing.” I wiped at the spot, even applied a bit of pressure to see if it would bleed. Nothing. “Give me your hand.”

Though reluctant, he did as I said. I reached for a clean needle and pricked his finger. No blood. “So what does that mean?”

“Your cells are repairing themselves fast enough to stop any bleeding.” I turned to my notebook and wrote that down. “That’s incredible.”

Caught up in the discovery, I didn’t stop myself before muttering it aloud.

“Glad you think so.”

“Sorry.” Mentally kicking myself, I went back to being quiet before turning my attention to the vials, focusing on searching for more serum-induced abnormalities.

What other side effects will Selah find?

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#ThursThreads – Hiding


Another peek into Selah and Nate’s ongoing struggles.

Prompt: “This isn’t the first time.”

“Sorry about the dust. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to hide here, but I try not to come back often. Safer that way.”

Nate’s eyes widened. At least he was emoting again. “You took enough money to fund this place, and they didn’t notice?”

The bunker was just a few rooms, aside from the lift. For obvious reasons, I dedicated the most square footage to my lab. I had everything I needed to figure out how the serum changed him. Across the large room, one door led to the sleeping space/kitchenette, and the other to the bathroom. The room’s lights flickered to life as we walked across.

I shrugged. “I was in charge of company finances and embezzlement is surprisingly easy to get away with when no one is looking. Plus, I’d been planning on leaving for years before I actually did.”

“You were in charge of finances?”

“Keeping me out of R&D was supposed to keep me in line.” I led him across the room. “Bed’s through here.” Opening the door, I showed him the cot and where I kept my vacuum sealed sheets and blankets. “Get some sleep while I wipe the place down.”

I turned to leave, but he reached out, stopping me with an icy-cold grip. “Selah, about before-”

“Don’t.” This close, his lack of body heat was a stark reminder of what I did to him. “You have every right to be upset. Just sleep. I’ll get you when the lab is ready.”

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Four Letter F Word


I keep meaning to contribute to this story more regularly, but the drive just isn’t there. Anyway, excuses excuses. Here’s a bit inspired by #ThursThreads.

Prompt: It’s going to be fine.


He didn’t speak again, and I couldn’t tell if he didn’t want to, or he was holding back. Whatever it was, I embraced silence for the remainder of the ride. When I stopped the car, I could hardly see past its headlights, but I couldn’t help my relief.

“Where are we?”

In the middle of the woods, the bunker was two hours from the nearest town and underground.

“Stay in the car.” I hurried out without checking if he did, and moved toward a specific tree. Feeling for the knot near the bottom, I found it and pushed. A mechanical whir called me back to the car, to a slot that opened in the ground, revealing a touch screen. Pressing my palm to the screen, I waited a moment before the ground shook and I retreated back into the car.

“What was that?”

“We take a lift down.” We started our descent, engulfed in darkness as the ground closed above. “I spent years building this place. We’ll be safe here.”

“Where did you get the resources? I thought you were cut off?”

We reached the bottom, and the lights flickered on. His eyes were trained on mine.

“I left with more than just the clothes on my back. They never noticed the missing money.” I shrugged. “I have a lab, we can…we can figure out what the serum did to you.”

“Okay.” He looked away, a struggle on his face.

“It’s going to be fine.” It had to be.

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I’ll keep this short and sweet.

It’s a miracle I’ve actually typed something up today! Didn’t think I’d participate two weeks in a row, but here we are!

Prompt: “I think we pushed too far.”

It’s also a continuation of last week’s piece! I think I’ll be making a new category for it so I’ll group the posts together and treat it as another serial. Not yet, though. Need to settle into this story a bit more before I make that commitment. Enjoy!

I still can’t believe I managed to get him back to my bunker. Watching Nate lie on the couch, his body numb while the serum works, I can’t help but offer up a silent prayer of gratitude. Still, we aren’t out of the fire yet and it’s only a matter of time before our location is compromised.

“I think we pushed too far.” Though his body has all but shut down to recover, he can still speak, and follows my pacing with his eyes.

“You don’t say.”

“I mean, we shouldn’t have risked you being in the lab, Selah.” When I look at him again, his eyes aren’t on me anymore, but on the ceiling. “Maybe given it a few more days.”

“While you might be right, what would have happened tonight if you’d been alone? Or if no one had been there to grab a sample?” The vial, half empty after using some on Nate, is heavy in my hand, its contents looking innocent enough. Does the company know someone would try to steal it? Well, someone other than me.

Does my father know?

“For all we know, that was a reaction to you being there.” At his words and the sight of him, immobile after only an hour ago being at death’s door, guilt settles in my chest.


“I didn’t mean-”

“No. But it’s my fault you were shot. My fault you took the serum.” And whatever happens to him as a result is on me, too.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt!

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Earned an honorable mention for this one!


A new serial? Maybe



It’s been more than a while since I’ve poked around in here. In the time I’ve been MIA, things at work have gotten a bit crazy, my extracurriculars have gotten away from me, and I’ve taken up yoga! I’ve also been working on editing Secondhand Soul and continuing my rewrite of A Vampire’s Bride (still trying to come up with a new title for that one, too).

I keep meaning to at least do a prompt a week, but it just isn’t happening. So I’ll do them when I can. Thus, here I am!

A few of the recent prompt responses I’ve done have revolved around Selah and Nate, and a thing tentatively titled The Flamel Project. This is something that I’ve had on the back burner for a very long time – we’re talking years. It’s more sci-fi than fantasy, so definitely not my strong suit, hence why I haven’t worked on it. But it’s an idea that’s starting to take more and more of my attention, so I think I’ll work on it like I did on my other serials. Update when I can, and eventually I’ll have something akin to a draft.

And so here’s a snippet from that, courtesy of this week’s #ThursThreads prompt.

Prompt: “It can’t be too late.”

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Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain – Week 1.5


It’s that time of the week again!

I don’t know how many of you guys out there are into science and NASA, but even if you’re not, I’m sure you heard about yesterday’s announcement. The possibility of liquid water on Mars! How exciting is that? I, for one, thought it was pretty cool. Space in general has always fascinated me and it was one of two topics (dinosaurs being other other one) that kept me interested in science class as a kid. Couple that discovery with the super blood moon eclipse and it was a good few days to be an astronomy lover. Those two things got me thinking about what kind of prompt I wanted to present for this week’s attempt to get things going.

So, for this week, I want you to write about celestial bodies (planets, moons, asteroids, basically anything you can find in space!). Your characters could be traveling to a celestial body, or discovering/observing a new one, whatever you want! Get as creative as possible – sci-fi is a wonderful genre full of endless possibility. You can write something outrageous, or keep it simple – it’s up to you!

Remember, keep it under 400 words & submit your response in the comment section below. Don’t forget to include your twitter handles and/or other social media links for promotion! Submissions close Wednesday at 8PM – tell your friends!

Questions, suggestions? Check out the rules in more detail and/or drop me a line!

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Review – R.E. birth by Thomas W. Everson


Hey hey!

So, as promised, I was finally able to finish reading R.E. birth by Thomas W. Everson. His book was on tour with the Spread the Word Virtual Book Blog Tours two weeks ago, and I did a promo spot, which you can check out here.

R.E. Birth

Quick Synopsis (check the promo spot for more info):

After collapsing in the woods due to a stab wound, the protagonist, Rain, is saved by a trio of time-traveling women: Ami, Agatha, and Evelyn. The women are bound to the time-traveling house by Evelyn, who had the ability during her life, and now haunts the house, and her family, in death. Owing them for saving him and without any memory of his past, Rain vows to help them break their curse, joining them in their travels.


4.5 Stars!

This book was unlike anything I’ve ever read before – and that’s awesome! Very rarely does something outside my typical genre keep my attention long enough to finish, let alone for me to enjoy it as thoroughly as I enjoyed this. Everson does an amazing job of pulling the reader in immediately with Rain’s struggles, and the predicament in which he finds himself. It’s difficult to keep someone interested when the protagonist spends so much time unconscious in the beginning, but Everson makes it look easy. His writing is fluid and quick, following Rain’s thoughts and emotions – a perk of writing in first person.

Every description and scene is vivid, and you truly feel like you’re seeing the world through Rain’s eyes. The reader shares in his confusion and curiosity, and that makes for a very immersive read. Rain is relatable, despite the fact that he doesn’t even know himself, and that makes him sympathetic almost immediately. Ami, Agatha, and Evelyn are also delightful characters, keeping Rain more than entertained with their day to day life. At times I did find that Ami was a bit exaggerated, almost a caricature of what “typical girl” would be like, I did come to realize that it makes sense – given her lack of interaction with anyone else but her mother and aunt from a very young age. Agatha and Evelyn are a bit more down to earth, though Evelyn can be a little larger than life at times, but this is what makes her my favorite character. Even the background characters are very real, as well, from little Emma to Burly. The constant time travel could make it difficult to have those passing characters come across as genuine, but once again Everson excels. It feels like we’ve just scratched the surface of this cast, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them!

Another bit from this book that had me wanting more was the settings! I wish they could have spent more time in each period, because the author manages to seamlessly and smoothly implant them into each one with little to no explanation. There’s no exposition of annoyingly long descriptions of where they are, or anything that would put a reader off as too much information. Rather, like Rain and the others, we learn about each time period as we go, with bits of info picked up from their experiences and surroundings. That’s expert world-building, in my opinion, and perfect for the sci-fi genre.

I won’t give too much about the ending, but I will say that it has me chomping at the bit to buy the second book, which came out a couple of weeks ago, so hooray!

Conclusion: Any fan of time travel and epic adventure needs to read this – it’s pretty great and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Can’t wait to get started on the next installment (once I clear the current mountain of books waiting for me!).

As always, think happy thoughts!