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New Cover Finally here!

Good morning! Happy Monday! It's finally here! This is the new cover for Reckoning (The Breach #1), thanks to the wonderful folks over at Deranged Doctor Design! Seriously, I can't be happier because it's impossible. They did an amazing job and captured exactly the feeling I wanted to convey. I'll definitely be going back to … Continue reading New Cover Finally here!

Reckoning Cover Reveal Tour

Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick post/update on the exploits of a self-published noob. Can I first just say - the indie community is super awesome! I've received nothing but helpful advice and guidance since I started my journey into self-publishing, and I can't thank everyone enough for the support/help. Now, onto news: Reckoning's new … Continue reading Reckoning Cover Reveal Tour

Writing Prompt – The Breach #2

Writing Prompt – The Breach #2

Hello! So it looks like this blog is turning into my scrap board. I've been getting some ideas lately for Reckoning's sequel, and this is a tiny bit of a character study that hints at the background of one of the characters to appear in The Breach #2 (still untitled, and will remain so for quite … Continue reading Writing Prompt – The Breach #2

Meet My Character: Lexia

Meet My Character: Lexia

Hello! And welcome to my leg of the Meet My Character Blog Tour - in which we'll be taking a look at Lexia, the protagonist of my debut novel Reckoning. First, a little bit of background: The Meet My Character Blog Tour is a neat event in which authors have interviews with the main characters of works they’ve recently published … Continue reading Meet My Character: Lexia

Writing Prompt – The Breach #2 Sample

Hello! I'm proud of myself for posting on here semi-regularly. It seems like I'm going to be keeping it up, so woo! Anyhoo, I was looking for writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing, and found this one: "The garden was overgrown now." This opened a world of possibilities for me, particularly in regards … Continue reading Writing Prompt – The Breach #2 Sample

The Search for Motivation (You can do it!)

Today is just one of those days. Feeling completely unmotivated to do much of anything, I've wandered over here, making it seem like I post way more often than I normally do. As I take a break from forcing myself to work (because motivation is a rare and fleeting creature), I wonder exactly why it's … Continue reading The Search for Motivation (You can do it!)