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Picture prompt!

And post #3! I don't think I've ever participated in The¬†Darkroom picture prompt. Like Master Class Monday and Coldly Calculating, this prompt series comes from the brilliant minds behind Our Write Side. For this prompt, I've decided to try moving Provisional Freedom forward a bit, even though I still have no idea what I'm doing… Continue reading Picture prompt!

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Random Post – Well-placed Threat

Hello! For once, the first post today isn't for #ThursThreads. Don't worry - that'll come a little later. I've been meaning to participate more regularly in Stacy Overby's Don't Panic Picture Prompt, but I've never been very good at picture prompts. Especially if I'm trying to incorporate it into my serials. This week's picture was… Continue reading Random Post – Well-placed Threat

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Random post – Picture prompt!

Hey there! Didn't think I'd put up another post today, but here we are with a late evening flash piece. This one is for a new contest I've come across courtesy of Stacy Overby over at¬†This is Not Hitchhiker's Guide. The rules are simple - look at the picture and write what comes to mind… Continue reading Random post – Picture prompt!