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#MenageMonday – Attached

Prompt: #MenageMonday Why couldn't she hear me? Enid was less than fifteen feet away, but I couldn't get her to focus on me, to do as I said. And when I didn't respond to her calls, she took the book and left through the portal - her only way out. One I can't follow. "Enid!"… Continue reading #MenageMonday – Attached

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#MenageMonday – Transformed

Prompt: #MenageMonday When my hand touches the wall, it burns. It burns but I can't move it away, can't so much as budge. Sparks illuminate my hand along the edges, and the sensation grows worse. I don't know what I expected would happen, but it wasn't this. "Arius?" "Don't move, it'll make it worse." There's… Continue reading #MenageMonday – Transformed

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#MenageMonday – An Exercise in Trust

Prompt: #MenageMonday Though there's no turning back, I still hesitate. My mind struggles to process what I'm seeing - these vast ruins and field inside what should have been just a regular building. When Death tasked me with finding this place, I didn't think it would take me so far from home. Far from everything,… Continue reading #MenageMonday – An Exercise in Trust

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#MenageMonday – It gets weirder

Prompt: #MenageMonday I expected an immortality-causing book to be under surveillance. Maybe some lasers, or a super complex locking mechanism. "This seems too easy - you're sure it's here?" We continue down the hall. The walls are lined with random posters and art, even some framed sheet music. Every once in a while I peek… Continue reading #MenageMonday – It gets weirder