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Reckoning’s One Year Anniversary! Thank you!

Hey there! So it just occurred to me that Reckoning has been out in the world for almost a full year (official anniversary 5/19 on Amazon & 5/21 everywhere else) and I can't believe it. Publishing a book has been a great learning experience. There's so much about the writing and publishing world I didn't know until … Continue reading Reckoning’s One Year Anniversary! Thank you!

Ranting and Raving

Ranting and Raving

Hi again! I don't post this often, but I'm feeling inspired - or ranty - whichever you prefer to call me. So the self-publishing process is interesting. I figured I would take a little time to share what I've learned so far, in just the past week or so. The book I published, Reckoning, is … Continue reading Ranting and Raving

Finally took action!

So, in an attempt to get my ass in gear, I've decided to self-publish my first book, Reckoning, through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing program. As of 10:16 PM on 5/19/2014, it is officially published and available! *does a super happy dance and proceeds to bombard all social media with link to book* I thought about making … Continue reading Finally took action!