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Still processing Cursed Child feelings…

Hello! So I meant to get a post up yesterday but things got busy and then when I finally had some free time/motivation, my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child finally decided to show up. Of course I dropped everything. I have so many feelings. Too many to really put in words but I'm … Continue reading Still processing Cursed Child feelings…

Another life lesson, or how I became an avid reader

Happy Hump Day! I'm not sure why, but this morning I woke up with a very vivid memory of something that happened when I was in the fifth grade - only just starting to explore the wonder that is reading and being completely and totally immersed in a book. Figured I'd share to disrupt the … Continue reading Another life lesson, or how I became an avid reader

Alternate Endings – Severus Snape

So I hadn't planned on putting up another post today, but here we are. Our Write Side has a flash prompt series titled Fractured Fridays, in which we're asked to bring our own twists to well-known stories according to the weekly prompts. I'm not all that familiar with classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes, at … Continue reading Alternate Endings – Severus Snape