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WOW 555 – Spicing things up!

Happy Friday! Now that I've been at work a full week, it feels like I never went on vacation in the first place! But that's okay - the relaxation was fun while it lasted. Also, three-day weekend incoming! Woo! This week was a very good one for me - not necessarily writing-wise, but discipline-wise. I … Continue reading WOW 555 – Spicing things up!


Lessons of Adulthood (as told by me, a baby adult)

It's rare when an idea pops into my head for a blog post, but this has been swimming around for a while. Not to mention, this morning my Timehop thought it'd be funny to remind me that my college freshman orientation was 6 years ago today. 6 YEARS. That's over half a decade and really, … Continue reading Lessons of Adulthood (as told by me, a baby adult)

Fighting the monster…again… (Help!)

Fighting the monster…again… (Help!)

And so it returns...the dreadful writer's block. It's like I can't win - but no matter! I will push forward because I have to. After all, I've made a commitment to writing Reckoning's sequel, and therefore cannot afford to be lazy. Last time it took me about a decade to write a book. I've got … Continue reading Fighting the monster…again… (Help!)

NaNoWriMo (a bit late into the game)

NaNoWriMo (a bit late into the game)

So we are 8 days into NaNoWriMo 2013, and I’ve only barely broken 10,000 words. Seems a bit discouraging, but not to fear! I’ll get it done…hopefully. I’m imagining I’m not the only person who’s a little short on word count this year. After all, I started late, and that’s understandable. A little thing called … Continue reading NaNoWriMo (a bit late into the game)

Rant for My Health: Discipline

As a novelist, particularly a fantasy/supernatural writer, people (read: my parents) sometimes view me as a wishy-washy creative type, from whom the words simply spill out onto the page. Unfortunately, that's not always the case and, when it is, the words don't always make much sense except in my head, where the entire story/context necessary to … Continue reading Rant for My Health: Discipline