WOW 555 – Wanting

Happy Friday! Not much to report today. I've been doing more reading, and am glad to say that I'm almost caught up to my Goodreads challenge (100 books for the year). For some reason, I just can't seem to break the "1 book behind schedule" slump, and I'm only on book #4! Arg. Anyway, this… Continue reading WOW 555 – Wanting


WOW 555 – Oppression

Happy Friday! How's the week been treating you guys? Were you among the lucky ones who got Monday off (if you're in the States)? Or, like me, did you draw the short straw? Whatever the case, Martin Luther King, Jr. day is a day for remembering a great man. MLK Day is more of a… Continue reading WOW 555 – Oppression

WOW 555 – Sleep

Happy Friday! This week flew by for me - can't believe it's almost February. With time going by so quickly, I'm having trouble getting to everything I want to have done. The new year has been a whirlwind for me so far. Maybe February will bring a little more stability. One thing that has been… Continue reading WOW 555 – Sleep

WOW 555 – Focusing on Feet

Happy Friday! I'm falling way behind on my reading - and I'm┬ánot thrilled with that fact. Hopefully next week will bring a little more stability. If anyone has any tips on organizing and scheduling - I'd be eternally grateful. Thankfully, though, I'm not as behind on my writing as I could be, so I've at… Continue reading WOW 555 – Focusing on Feet

WOW 555 – Romance

Happy Friday! How's everyone doing? Preparing for Valentine's Day? Gonna join the masses in watching Fifty Shades? However you spend your weekend, don't forget the most important thing: OD'ing on chocolate! But really, don't forget that Valentine's day is a day about love, and (in many countries, like my native Colombia) friendship. So spend the… Continue reading WOW 555 – Romance

WOW 555 – Keep On Keeping On!

Happy Friday! Hope the week has been going well for everyone! And, to those of you who celebrate it, happy Chinese New Year! Also, those of you doing Lenten promises - best of luck! Not much to report this week, other than still being severely behind on reading. Seriously, I really need to do something… Continue reading WOW 555 – Keep On Keeping On!

WOW 555 – A Moment of Growth

Happy Friday! Today, I'll be cutting straight to the chase - I have very little to report. Same old, same old, still working on reading more/writing more/discipline, etc. This week's prompt for Wendy's WOW555 left a lot of room for interpretation - more than usual, I think - so it was a bit hard for… Continue reading WOW 555 – A Moment of Growth