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#TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W3 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Hello! Hopefully we all made it out okay after Snowzilla this past weekend. It was quite the storm, and I stayed in for the vast majority of it. I can't remember a storm in my adult life that had snow up to my hips (I'm not very tall, but still)! It was … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W3 Winner!


#TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W2 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley   Happy Monday! This past week, participation in the contest was a bit low. Still, though, the story went on and Renee submitted a great continuation of what's quickly becoming a suspenseful thriller! Thank you so much for participating and writing such a wonderful response to last week's prompt - can't wait … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W2 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W1 – Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers   Happy Monday! (As if that could ever be a thing.) It's very clearly Monday because I'm once again caught slacking. I apologize for not getting this post up earlier - shame on me - but here we are! So we've made it through week one of this round of #TuesFlashFicTrain. … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W1 – Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner & Title Vote!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers Happy Monday! Hooray! We've made it to the end of one whole round of #TuesFlashFicTrain and voters chose Stephanie Ayers to wrap up our story! She wrote a beautiful ending in response to last week's prompt. It left me both feeling emotional and with a sense of closure and satisfaction for … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain Winner & Title Vote!

#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers This past week, we had two lovely entries to the prompt. It's been a ton of fun reading through the responses and seeing how the story develops. Thanks to Renee and Stephanie for being so dedicated! Voters decided, so this week we congratulate winner Stephanie Ayers! Her response was full of … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers Things just keep getting better and better! The contest is growing, and the competition was tough - we had three participants, all with lovely additions to our tale. At the end, though, one author's response to the prompt came out on top - congratulations Stephanie Ayers on your second win! Your … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley Hooray! This past week, we had two participants in the #TuesFlashFicTrain contest, and the voters decided that Renee L. Tennis-McKinley's interpretation of the prompt should be part two of our story. Congratulations, Renee - it was an awesome response and you've really taken the story in a great direction. Check it … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers Great news - this week #TuesFlashFicTrain had its first participant: Stephanie Ayers! She wrote a beautiful piece in response to the homecoming nostalgia prompt. Check it out! The stale air of vacancy met my nostrils. A layer of dust settled over the tidy couch. Photographs appeared faded in their frames. I picked … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!