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#TuesFlashFicTrain has a new home!

Hello hello! So it has been quite some time since I've done anything for this flash prompt series. A combination of being overwhelmed with work and just not having the time to dedicate to it led to its being neglected. However, I have good news for those of you hoping it would come back! The … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain has a new home!


#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W3 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! So I really, really dropped the ball this round. Things have gotten a bit hectic and I've neglected this prompt series. I'm hoping to finish up this round, and then will be going on hiatus until I can get things in order again. First things first, though! The only reason … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W3 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W2 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend! This week, Sienna's saga continues, and we learn a little bit more about her background thanks to Stacy! Using the prompt, she seamlessly pulled us into the next part of the story and adds a little more to the mystery of what … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W2 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W1 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! We're back at it again with a new #TuesFlashFicTrain round, and this time we kick off a story thanks to Stacy Overby's imagination. She's set up a wonderful premise in response to the prompt. Mysteries and questions abound in her contribution to kick off our train, and I can't wait to … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R5-W1 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W5 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Happy Monday! Yet another story has come to a close! Thanks to Stacy's entry to last week's prompt, we get a resolution to Gloria's sticky situation. Her piece is full of tension and quick, resourceful thinking on Gloria's part. Thanks so much for your continued contributions to this contest, Stacy! You rock! … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W5 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W4 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley Happy Monday! So week 4 of Gloria's story saw a bit of a hiccup in participation, so I extended it another week (people are busy and sometimes that's all we need). And with the extra week came Renee's awesome response to the prompt! Hurrah! The intrigue deepens and we get a … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W4 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W3 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley Happy Monday! Last week, we had two entries into the #TuesFlashFicTrain prompt, which meant a vote! The readers have chosen and Gloria's fate fell to Renee's hands! Congratulations Renee on winning with an awesome piece. Be sure to check out parts one and two before reading Renee's continuation below! Gloria backed … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W3 Winner!

#TuesFlashFictTrain R4-W2 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Hello and happy Monday! Hope everyone's weekend was a blast! Mine was mostly uneventful, but that's fine. Sometimes a slow weekend is just what you need to get into the swing of things. Even with the slow weekend, though, it completely slipped my mind to schedule this Sunday night - shame on … Continue reading #TuesFlashFictTrain R4-W2 Winner!