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#TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W3 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley Happy Monday! Last week, we had two entries into the #TuesFlashFicTrain prompt, which meant a vote! The readers have chosen and Gloria's fate fell to Renee's hands! Congratulations Renee on winning with an awesome piece. Be sure to check out parts one and two before reading Renee's continuation below! Gloria backed … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W3 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4 W3 All A-Vote!

Happy weekend! We've got two awesome entries in response to the prompt - you know what that means! Time to put up Gloria's fate to a vote 🙂 Be sure to check out parts one and two before determining what happens next. Happy reading! Stacy Overby – @dontpanic2011 Gloria ducked into a co-worker’s cubicle.  Crawling … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4 W3 All A-Vote!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W3

Happy Tuesday! Glad to report that I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday, so hooray! Time for another prompt - but first, be sure to check out yesterday's winner post before getting started. So the last couple of weeks, we only received one response to each prompt. I'm wondering how I can switch things up … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W3

#TuesFlashFictTrain R4-W2 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stacy Overby Hello and happy Monday! Hope everyone's weekend was a blast! Mine was mostly uneventful, but that's fine. Sometimes a slow weekend is just what you need to get into the swing of things. Even with the slow weekend, though, it completely slipped my mind to schedule this Sunday night - shame on … Continue reading #TuesFlashFictTrain R4-W2 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W2

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Things are running pretty smoothly on my end, for once, but I know that by just typing this out I'm jinxing myself yet again. Oh well. I'll continue this smooth ride for as long as I can! I'm feeling too productive not to take … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W2

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W1 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley Happy Monday! Last week, Renee kicked off round 4 with a great piece! It's a perfect setup that can go anywhere, left me with so many questions, and I can't wait to see where the story leads. Thank you Renee for taking the time to submit a response to the prompt … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4 – W1 Winner!

#TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W1

Happy Tuesday! It's that time again! Last week we had a riveting end to the last story (still untitled and yet to be posted in full, shame on me) which means this week we get to start a new one 🙂 Today's prompt will be a  little on the easy side, since we're just starting … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W1

#TuesFlashFicTrain R3-W5 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Imagenn793 Happy Monday! You guys are killing me - a three-way tie? Really? This was a tough decision - so tough that I honestly couldn't pick among the three, so I used a random number generator to choose the winner. To be fair, I did best three out of five, and Imagenn793 came out … Continue reading #TuesFlashFicTrain R3-W5 Winner!