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#ThursThreads – Staged Disaster

Prompt: “This had to look real.”

“This had to look real, otherwise they’d be suspicious.” I wave my arm around the room, at the chaos I’d created. Not my best moment, but I can’t deny it was cathartic.

“And that involved breaking lamps? Shredding the curtains?” Nolan’s eyes turn to slivers behind his mask.

“Yes.” Using my foot to nudge the remains of a pillow, I gather our things. “I’m not willing to waste any time half-assing this.”

He catches the bag I throw at him, though his eyes never leave mine. “Fine. But next time try consulting me before you send a tornado through our shared living space,”

“Duly noted.” With the last of our things in hand, I lead the way out the door, toward the new room we’d been given in the west wing – close enough to the throne room for my surveillance spells to work.

Something tells me I won’t be making much headway on this one. It might end up on my incomplete pile while I shift my focus back to rewrites/edits of other work. Coming up with new writing has been rough for a while now, and it’s only going to get more difficult now that my writing time has been cut shorter. But that’s okay! I’ve embarked on the adventure of parenthood and part of that is figuring out how to keep up with my hobbies while cuddling with kiddo.

Be sure to check out the responses at the prompt!

As always, keep on keeping on!

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