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#ThursThreads – Long way down

Prompt: “It’s a long way down.”

I’ve never projected a vision for someone else before. Never needed to. And now that I’m about to show Nolan why I don’t trust him, my hands won’t stop shaking.

“Just take a breath, and relax.” Though my nerves are permanently on edge around him now, his hands over mine are a calming weight. It’s a frustrating feeling, this confusion. My body’s conflicting reactions to him make everything infinitely worse.

With a steadying breath, I’m able to still my hands long enough to let the warmth of my magic flow from them, and up our arms as it engulfs us both. The vision – the recurring dream I’ve struggled against for the past week – begins as it always does.

We’re on an unfamiliar balcony together. Nolan holds his head as if in pain, and I crouch over him. The vision changes, and instead of watching both of us, the scene is from his point of view. His mask falls as he lights a fireball in one hand, and the other reaches for my throat. Eyes wide with shock, I don’t react fast enough, trapped in his grip as he holds me over the edge of the balcony. It’s a long way down, a sure death if he drops me.

Everything cuts to black, and I release his hands, heaving a breath as if coming out of the water.

“Nora‚ĶI would never-“

“My visions have never been wrong.” I can’t look at him, too worried about what he’ll see in my eyes.

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