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#ThursThreads – Mistakes

Prompt: “It’s a mistake many beginners often make.”

It’s a mistake many beginners often make. Early on, our magic is tied to emotions, so it’s easy to lose control. When we invite that raw power in, it latches onto our mental state, and mine wasn’t in a good place when I started out.

But I’ve been doing this for years. No incidents in over a decade. And yet here I am, surrounded by unstoppable fire with no clue how it happened.

“Deep breaths.” Talking to myself is normally a last resort, but the last thing I need is for Celeste or someone else to find me here, panicking. The fire grows with each inhale, then softens with each exhale. If it wasn’t so terrifying, it’d be almost beautiful. I let the air out of my lungs once more, until finally the only remnants of the fire are some stray embers and the ashes of what used to be target practice dummies.

“What happened here?”

Nolan’s voice catches me off-guard and I jump, turning in place to see him leaning against the entrance to the training chamber. A small flare sprouts between us, but he douses it immediately.

“Working on some new fire spells.” Doing my best to remain calm, I try to sound relaxed. To be relaxed. But that’s become a struggle around him lately.

“Mind if I join?” There’s a smile in his voice, a hint of excitement.

“I’m actually done – but the room is yours.” I push past him, unwilling to let him see my embarrassment.

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As always, keep on keeping on!

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