#SwiftFicFriday – Week 124 Winner!

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 124 Winner!

Happy Wednesday!

Bill Engleson (@billmelaterplea) flew the highest this week and takes his fifteenth win!

You can find him at:

Check out his piece below and congratulate him on Twitter:

Congrats on your #SwiftFicFriday win @billmelaterplea! Check out his flash piece and show him some love #WritingCommunity

The Eerie Canal

He stood outside our second-hand store, The Pick Me Please. They usually have good deals but hadn’t yet opened up. I was taking Walter for a walk. He’s been quite finicky of late, demanding my attention earlier and earlier. I tell him, ‘Walt, I need more sleep.’

He doesn’t care.

So, I get up and take him for his twice, occasional thrice constitutional.

The fellow I spotted was bedraggled but he seemed in need of a fresh change of clothes. His attire had a museum quality to them. A dusty museum I thought but I didn’t want to sound hoity-toity.

I assumed that’s why he was there so early.

The early bird gets the worn…

My little pun.


Emphasizing my social graces, I said to him, “They’re not open yet.”

He didn’t respond so I added, and pointed, ”The thrift store.”

His eyes followed the direction of my finger and nodded. Somewhat unsatisfied, I offered a review. “They have great clothes. I’m sure you’ll find something that will suit you.”

He seemed disinterested in my comment and asked a most strange question. “I am in Albany, am I not?”

Taken aback by the geographical query, I confirmed that he indeed was.

“I am seeking one DeWitt Clinton. We are impressed with his canal and seek his expertise.”

Again, I was taken aback. “You mean…the Erie Canal.”

He nodded. And then of course I realized both his mistakes. “This is not Albany New York. The country is littered with Albany’s. You are in Albany, New Hampshire. As for Clinton…” and here my love of trivia kicked in…”he’s been dead for almost 200 years.”

He then muttered…’damn time travel gizmo…’ and poofed away.


Walter barked uncontrollably.

As for me, I desperately wanted to crawl back into bed.

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